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June 20, 2006

Muslim Unity: What are you trying to say? Should all Muslims leave Europe?

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To answer this I will argue in a religious viewpoint:

Yes, if you do not want to change your creed. As you see my religion as a false faith I can see your faith as a false faith. As you want me to become a mussulman – I say leave your false faith. I see your "deity" as a deciever and the koran admittes this as it say that allah is a plotter. Go to the Bible and see for youself who is the plotter and the deciever.

Consider this:

How is your reaction to these questions: are the valid or invalid because in your eyes I do not follow your faith and by the way do you know your faith or di you just think you do?   

From a secular viewpoint I will tell you:

Keep your faith from the public space. See your faith and your books as historical documents and for God´s sake see your Muhammed for what he was – a warlord with a mental and sexual disorder.

Next I tell you to assimilate – not integrate – into the European/Western culture. You might learn something.

Or leave. At least for your and my futures´sake. Or do you want war eventually?  Are you just being nice because – following the Mo-tactic – you are weak?

And why?

If you see my posts the reaction against the Eurabia is slowly building up. I say this,  not because I like it, but I`m merely pointing to the facts.

And let me ask you some questions:

Where do I find a divine demand to – love your enemy in your faith – please answer.

When your faith divides the world between the rightous and the infindel world is this not in core racism by your own standards?

Who is your allah?

How will you practice ramadan north of the polar circle?

You ask me to study your faith – have you studied other faiths without your mussulman glasses on.    

Questions, questions, questions.

I look forward to some answers – Mr Muslim Unity. 


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  1. If you have serious questions they shall be answered by me and my family at my blog. However they should be serious and NOT meant to offend us.

    Comment by Muslim Unity — July 13, 2006 @ 8:41 pm

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