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June 20, 2006

Petition Against Islamization in La Frawnce

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To the Minister of the Interior and of Religions,

Your audacious wager on an Islam of France has proven itself to be a calamity that places the future of France in grave danger.

There will never be an Islam of France, but there will be, there already is, a France of Islam.

Before my eyes, every day, I can attest: it is not Islam that is adapting to France, it is France that is adapting to Islam. Unless the Muslims of France come to forget the Koran and to renounce both its spirit and letter, Islam will continue to impose itself on them as a norm superior to all other forms of the Common Good.

Islam cannot, will not, integrate itself; it wants to integrate the others.

There are Muslims in France. They are free to practice their religion. But it is out of the question to accord to Islam a public statute. The French Republic "does not recognize or subsidize any cult". How can you grant to one religion what you refuse others?

With Philippe de Villiers, I therefore request, Mr. Minister of the Interior and of Religions, to implement immediately the necessary actions to stop the progressive Islamization of France.

And to take without delay the following measures:

– Impose firmly respect for the laws of the Republic concerning forced marriages, polygamy, and equal rights for women.

– Dissolve immediately the French Council of the Muslim Cult that transforms Islam into a state religion

– Stop all ethnic, religious or gender-based segregation in public places. These are a new form of French racial segregation.

– Stop immediately all forms of public financing of Islam and notably the construction of mosques and the education of imams.

– Guarantee the safety of the French people, who face extremely serious situations at our national airports.

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