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June 21, 2006

Arrest??? Why? He is not Pinochet. And we love his Anti-Western “Touch”…..

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Rome, 21 June (AKI) – A Tehran judge, Saiid Mortazavi, who over the past six years has ordered the closure of over 200 newspapers and jailed about 100 journalists, has accused the West of violating human rights. The magistrate, also suspected of a role in the death in July 2003 of a Canadian photoreporter of Iranian origin – Zahra Kazemi who was beaten to death – is attending the first session of the newly formed United Nations Human Rights Council, running until 30 June in Geneva where he is number two of the Iranian delegation. Iranian justice minister Jamal Karimi Rad is the country's chief representative at the session.

"Human rights must not become a tool in the hands of Western countries to attack independent nations, mostly Muslim states that refuse to obey their rules," said Saiid Mortazavi.

The judge then accused Europe and the United States of "failing to respect freedom of expression."

Talking to reporters in Geneva, Saiid Mortazavi also said that "in the West, prison conditions are terrible, religious freedoms are not respected, women don't have the same salary as men, minorities are subjected to racial laws and, finally, there is too much violence against women."

Iranian dissident, Akbar Ganji, a journalist who was recently released from jail where he served a six-year sentence for criticizing the government, said that "Mortazavi's presence at a summit which discusses the respect of human rights, is tragic more than ridiculous as it shows the lack of consideration of the international community for human rights."

The UN's new Human Rights Council, which aims to protect rights worldwide, is replacing a now defunct commission on human rights accused of allowing nations that consistently violated human rights to serve as members and escape scrutiny.


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