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June 24, 2006

Marriage Islamic Style

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MULTAN: A man accused of stealing blankets allegedly sold his sister for Rs 20,000 to escape from a police case in Khangarh. The girl is going to be married to Mushtaq Ahmed, the alleged buyer, on June 25. Dr Abdul Rasheed Sheikh, owner of Noor Hospital, Khangarh, had earlier lodged a complaint with the police stating that his servant, Nadir Hussain, stole blankets from his brother’s house with the help of his brother-in-law, Manzoor Hussain. Nadir Hussain told reporters that he and Manzoor Hussain were working for the last five years at the clinic of Dr Abdul Rasheed as sweepers. Last week, Dr Rashid found eleven bed sheets missing from the clinic and accused me of stealing them, Nadir said. He said that when his brother-in-law refused to blame him as Sheikh told him to do, he was also implicated in the case. He said that both of them left their jobs after they were accused by Sheikh. “He (Shiekh) then fabricated another story of theft and registered a case with Khangarh police against us,” he said. He said that the police arrested his mother, Amir Mai, wife, Farzana, and sister-in-law, Fatima, and abused them. He said that the police also tortured him and Manzoor after they were arrested and forced them to confess crimes they had not commited. They said that the police had neither showed their arrests in record, nor found any of the stolen goods. Later, Sheikh demanded Rs 20,000 for withdrawing the case against us and I had no other way than to sell Fatima to Mushtaq Ahmed to raise the amount, Nadir said When contacted, Sheikh said that Nadir and Manzoor were working at his clinic for the past five years. He said that he sent them his handicapped brother’s house for whitewashing it, from where they stole 11 blankets. Their family members sold three of the blankets in the village, so they were arrested by the police, he said. He said that the remaining blankets were buried in a field, but were stolen by someone. He said that both Nadir and Manzoor had also stolen medicines from the clinic a number of times. The police, when contacted, said, “we have not registered any case in the incident, but have arrested the nominated accused and we are interrogating them”. staff report


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