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June 24, 2006


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From Gardjola:

The leaders of EU member states have once again shown us how deeply illiberal and disdainful of the democratic process they really are. After the proposed constitution was botched by referenda in France and the Netherlands (and seemed slated to be given the red card in any UK referendum), one would have thought that the elites of Europe would have taken a step back and started to listen to the growing groundswell of opposition to further integration from their electorates. However it appears that the “people” are listened to only when they give the right answers. Via Brussels Journal we read that “The new Italian government says it interprets the “no” votes as “a demand for more Europe, not less”. The Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt suggests changing the rules so that the European Constitution may be adopted by a qualified majority vote. The Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel says that ratification should be completed in 2007. Angela Merkel says the text is “vital to German interests”. The European Commission plans to push ahead with as much of the constitution as it can, with or without formal approval.” This cavalier attitude towards a fundamental principle of liberal democracy on the part of European leaders bodes ill for the European project.

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