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June 27, 2006

Book: Life in an Islamist US

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Ferrigno has said he spent two years researching Islam, and it shows in the level of detail with which the Islamic Republic has been conceived. In one scene, for example, a cabbie tunes his radio to a popular call-in show called “What Should I Do, Imam?” As Ferrigno’s heroine listens from the back seat, a caller asks whether there are any kinds of music that one can listen to without running afoul of Muslim law.
“Good question, my daughter,” the imam answers. “The Holy Qur’an is quite clear that music is forbidden. One of the messengers of Allah said, `There will be a nation who will make music their lot, and one day, while enjoying their music and alcohol, they will awake with their faces transformed into swine.’ In fact, this messenger said he was sent to destroy all music instruments. . . . Instead of music, rather listen to the Holy Qur’an.” Ferrigno invented the scene, but the severe Islamist reply has been taken almost verbatim from, the online advice site of the South African Mufti Ebrahim Desai.
In a Muslim America, Christians are second-class citizens, barred from the best jobs and housing. Others, especially Jews and homosexuals, are not tolerated at all; many flee for their lives along a new underground railroad into Canada.



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