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June 30, 2006

Human Rights and Human Rights or We are all equal But…….

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Human Rights and Wrongs

By Clifford D. May
Scripps Howard News Service
June 29, 2006

Human Rights and Wrongs A few days ago, two American soldiers, Pfc. Kristian Menchaca of Houston, Texas, and Pfc. Thomas Tucker of Madras, Oregon, were taken prisoner in Iraq. They were brutally tortured, and so severely mutilated that their faces were unrecognizable. They were tied together with a bomb between their legs – a booby trap intended to kill whoever tried to recover their remains for burial.Would you regard such actions as serious violations of the laws of war and fundamental human rights? It is not clear that the wealthiest and most powerful human rights organizations see it that way.

For example, Amnesty International, which claims that its mission is “to protect human rights worldwide,” appears to have nothing to say about the torture and killing of Menchaca and Tucker. As I write this, its website features instead an article on arms control, and another on a “new international treaty to prevent torture and other ill-treatment through a system of regular visits to all detention places.” Evidently, “all detention places” does not include visits to the places in Iraq where al-Qaeda and Baathist forces detain their prisoners – briefly, in most instances.

The homepage of Human Rights Watch suggests that the group’s main concerns at the moment are Indonesia, Burundi and Chad. Regarding Menchaca and Tucker, there is a three-sentence press release noting that “captured combatants must be treated humanely.”

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