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July 6, 2006

“I’m afraid of a Bosnia or Kosovo-style reality here in Great Britain.”

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A MUSLIM fanatic caused outrage yesterday by admitting he wouldn’t tip off cops about another 7/7 suicide attack. Anjem Choudary also claimed “oppressed” Muslims had a right to defend themselves using “whatever means”.

Choudary, 38, right-hand man of exiled hate preacher Omar Bakri, repeatedly refused to condemn the 7/7 bombers at a press conference on the eve of the anniversary of the London blasts.

But when asked if he would inform the police of another suicide mission he said in Walthamstow, East London: “No I wouldn’t. I don’t think Muslims can co-operate with police.”

Then Choudary warned Britain faced CIVIL WAR with its 1.6million-strong Muslim community.

He said: “We are reaching a situation where the Muslim community is increasingly under siege.

“I’m afraid of a Bosnia or Kosovo-style reality here in Great Britain.”

Choudary’s rant came a day after he was fined for organising protests over cartoons about the prophet Mohammed,,2-2006310149,00.html


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