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July 19, 2006

The beauty of the Quran

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There is an increasing number of Muslims who believe only in the Quran, they are called Quranyuoon. These Quran-only Muslims reject all ahadith and all sunna (Mohammed’s deeds) as well as early Islamic history (Mohammed’s sira) because they think they contain too much nonsense that is hard to swallow. Ahadith are narrated in various ways and repeated in various books, which leaves little room to change the meaning. Modern ‘open-minded’ Muslims can only avoid the embarrassments associated with ahadith by denying their credibility.

The beauty of the Quran is that although it is full with absurdities, it is easier to cover up by twisting the meaning in a way similar to what the above writer did. And there is no limit to what Muslims can do to excuse the Quranic blunders in language, science and history. When the Quran uses all the Arabic words that mean flat to describe the shape of earth, they say Allah meant round. When the Quran says the sky was adherent to earth until Allah split it, they say it’s a miracle that refers to the big bang! When the Quran orders men to beat their wives if they suspect disobedience, they say Allah meant beat them lightly.

Other Muslims do not go as far as to reject all ahadith and all sunna but make their careful selection and reject others. They base their selection on their own understanding which means occasionally they find themselves in trouble when they accept weak ahadith and reject more sahih (accurate) ones.

Theses groups of Muslims often claim that they thought deeply of Islam and are convinced of it, unlike the majority who inherited it. May be they thought of Islam but they were never convinced of it, and that is why they try to reinvent it. The natural response expected from a normal person who is not convinced of an ideology is to abandon it. But Muslims are denied of the luxury of responding in a natural way because of the extensive brainwash they have been subjected to since their childhood. It’s just too much for their brains to process the idea of leaving Islam, so they settle for a strange compromise which is to free themselves from the sunna and sira while at the same time they keep their faith in the Quran. They know that they will still be identified as Muslims even without the sunna and sira while at the same time they can handle the Quranic blunders using the Islamic genius invention of re-interpretation. In effect they make their own religions.

Such Muslims started thinking but they decided to stop halfway because their minds cannot cope with the inevitable conclusion that Islam is a cult. They deliberately turn a blind eye to the fact that the authenticity of the Quran itself is dependent on ahadith, sira and Islamic history. Once these are in doubt (which they are) then the narration and collection of the Quran is also in doubt and the whole Islam falls apart.

The problem for these groups of Quran-only Muslims is that they themselves are rejected by the majority of Muslims and considered by many as infidels. However their increasing numbers show that the seeds of doubts are growing in the Islamic community, although some of them just cannot pull themselves out from the circle of darkness without a helping hand. This is where the Internet’s role is crucial.

Mumin Salih


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