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July 22, 2006

Enemy Mine: I for Insanity – I for Ignorance – I for Islam

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There have many articles and commentarieswritten giving a comprehesive view of Islam and the why it is the way it is.Most them steeped in academic jargon. But this recent commentary at BlogCritques should not be missed. It’s one of the best I’ve seen in describing Islam’s problems – blunt, and in plain everyday language.

“What kind of a god is it that’s upset by a cartoon in Danish?” — Salman Rushdie

Prologue: The Muslim Fury and its Impotence

From the ghettos of Bombay to the alleys of Beirut, from the tall minarets of Chittagong to the imposing domes of Birmingham, Islam is scaring the world like a terrifying dinosaur — its fiery tongue lashing out, its eyes red with tears of victimhood, its mind ravaged with the visions of the glories of the past, its whole body seething with rage at its wretched defeated present.

Islam is furious and the entire world is being seared by the flames of its outrage.

Why is Islam Angry?

Mussalmaans have one book. Koran. They should have another………

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