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July 24, 2006

Muslims boycott Glasgow airport

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Indignant at the extra security checks at the Glasgow airport some Muslims have decided to launch a boycott . Describing one of the procedures, Bashir Mann of the Muslim Council of Great Britain had this to say:

‘This was a show of sheer discrimination, victimisation of certain sections of the community in Scotland.’

Said another discontented Muslim traveler:

‘After being through all the checks that normal people go through, at the last moment you are stopped again and asked questions as everybody else passes you by.’

One just wonders why. Only recently we commemorated the first anniversary of the London bombings and there is a trail underway of several Muslim charged with conspiring to commit a range of terrorist acts .

These Muslims are not the victims here. It is their community that terrorizes the rest of us so that we no longer feel safe on the busses, in the underground or on airplanes.

There must be many who think that the boycott of the Glasgow airport is an excellent idea and wish it were extended to other points of mass travel as well. These days people tend to get rather nervous when they see individuals of Arabic appearance boarding their flight. This is no indication of racism, but of the sad reality brought about by the actions of those from their own ranks. Muslims have truly no reason to complain when they are asked a few extra questions before getting on an airplane. If they had any integrity or shame, they would direct their indignation where it belongs. Then they would be eager to cleanup their own act rather than criticize those who desperately try to prevent further acts of terrorist mayhem.


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