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August 1, 2006

Dix Update for the bewildered

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Anti-semite: Someone who hates Arabs.

Appeasement: A chance to show the world that Arab assmonkeys are good guys and mean no harm.

Arab Land: Every inch of land in the middle east, including part of Africa and probably Spain.

Arab victory: 1. Whenever a suicide bomb successfully goes off; 9/11. 2. Whenever an Arab civilian, used as a human shield, is killed by the IDF. 3. Turning a gesture of peace by Israel into a better opportunity to drive Jews into the sea (see land withdrawal).

Cease fire: An opportunity for Arabs to replenish weapons.

Civilian: 1. Any Arab in civilian clothes. 2. Any Arab who was killed when used as a human shield.

Defending their country: Shooting missiles from civilian zones at civilians.

Disproportionate response: Anything a Jew does to strike out at a terrorist.

Ethnic Genocide: The phenomenon that explains the policy that Arab migration to Israel is frowned upon because Israelis don’t like getting blown up in pizzerias or while standing in line at discos.

Freedom fighter: An Arab assmonkey terrorist, brainwashed to hate by an intolerant culture of hate.

Green Line: The border that Jews must retreat to even though it wasn’t good enough for the Arab assmonkeys prior to 1967, the Arabs will magically accept this and live in peace even though their elected representatives state it will not be good enough.

Good Jew or Real Jew: A Jew who thinks Israel has no right to exist.

Holocaust: 1. Any war started by Arabs in which more than 10 Arabs were killed. 2. Something Jews are supposed to forget about. 3. Something that never happened, yet Jews have manipulated the “theft” of “Arab land” by conning the world into believing it did happen.

Human Shield: The reason that Jews are not allowed to try to eliminate terrorists.

Israeli Aggression: Any attempt by Jews to prevent or stop a terrorist act by an Arab assmonkey or assmonkeys.

Just or Lasting Peace: Lots of dead Jews and no Israel.

Land Withdrawal: A perfect opportunity to fire missiles into Israel from a closer proximity.

Legitimate Resistance: Resistance of acknowledging Israel’s right to exist. Used mainly to give as an excuse for Arab assmonkey terrorism, especially against civilians, and especially to rationalize suicide bombings. It is actually the Arab assmonkey’s resistance in using their brain.

Martyr: Usually a teenager who is brainwashed to blow up in front of innocent Jews by older assmonkey Arabs who are hiding miles away next to a bunch of Palestinian children.

Massacre: When Israel responds to a terrorist attack and kills 3 Palestinians, but the Palestinians wind up reporting over 40 deaths.

Militant: Code word for Arab assmonkey terrorist, often used by AP and Al Reuters.

Military target: Any Israeli or Jew.

My Tax Dollars: The $6.34 that comes out of the total taxes an American pays each year, that goes to Israel so that they are forced to keep the Palestinian Arabs alive. Because without US aid, Israel would be forced to be more frugal in their way of dealing with Palestinian assmonkey terrorism.

Muslim land: Any land on this planet that lies between any two Muslims on this planet in every direction.

Negotiations: Talks where Israel is supposed to make all the concessions.

Neocon: 1. Code word for Jew 2. Code word for Zionist. 3. Anyone in the Bush administration because Aipac got Bush elected.

962 Gazillion billion trillion dollars: The amount of aid the US gives Israel every year.

Occupied territories: The West Bank even though it is really disputed territory that Jordan didn’t want anymore and is therefore now up for negotiations. Not to be confused with “Occupied Palestine,” which just means all of Israel.

Oppression: It is Israel’s faut that low IQ hate filled blood lusting assmonkeys turned into low IQ hate filled blood lusting assmonkeys.

Palestinian struggle: 1. For 58 years they have struggled to make one right decision, and still haven’t. 2. Arab whining, because in over 58 years and 5 wars they have always got their asses kicked while trying to throw the Jews into the sea.

Palicaust: The phenomenon that explains how just over 1 million Palestinians in 1948 have today turned into 3 million Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza alone, and another 3-5 million more in the rest of the world.

Peace Process: This has been ongoing for 58 years and has always been screwed up by the Israelis who refuse to be driven into the sea.

Right of Return: The Trojan Horse parked outside the gates of Israel that Israelis won’t wheel inside. If granted, the Arabs will have a chance to show that they are not the same Arabs who left in 1948 because they didn’t want to live in a Jewish majority state.

Right to Exist: Israel has a right to exist only if it is an Arab state.

Stolen Land: 1. Any land in the middle east that has a Jew on it. 2. Land in Israel that was either bought legally by a Jew or land that was never owned before a Jew took it over.

Terror: Anything a Jew does to defend himself.

Terrorist: An Arab assmonkey driven to do an inhumne act, because of Jews, of course.

Zionazi: A Jew that supports Israel’s right to exist and defend herself.

Zionist: A Jew that supports Israel’s right to exist and defend herself. Also true of non Jews who support the same.

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who will be glad for more for his dix


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