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August 4, 2006

Update on Radioactive Material found in Bulgaria…

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Limewoody: By now I cannot find his wherabouts but someone called Toby posted this comment:

I am amazed at the twisting of facts. The original allegations that radiation levels of 200 times the allowed level have now been withdrawn and the Authorities admit that the level is now as it was declared!!!
Goods are soil testing machines for the Ministry of Transport and not the Ministry of defence!!!
Goods originally imported from USA by a British firm and the declared level of radiation is the same as that declared by the Amercans!!
The radio active amount in these machines is not higher or different to that available in many Scanning machines all over hospitals in Iran. If the Iranians can extract the radio active materials from these machines at the Bulgarian border, then why cant they extract it from the available machines in their hospitals??

It is obvious that the sensationlism of this story is more important than the facts especially under the current poliltical climate.
I challenge you to publish my reply.


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