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August 12, 2006

Update on Stabbing in Ol´Jerusalem..Just a little Jihate that does not hit MSM…

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Oh the irony. An Italian student goes to Jerusalem to help build a summer camp for so-called Palestinians. You know, those people who elected a terrorist group for their government. Well, he then gets stabbed in the back, literally, by one of those very Arabs. (HT PJM)

Peace activist murdered by Palestinian

Angelo Frammartino, a 24 year-old student from Italy who arrived in Israel as a human rights organization activist, was stabbed to death Thursday by an Arab knifeman. “He believed in what he did and was always ready to help others,” a friend described him.

The youth was stabbed in the back while walking with four friends in the Sultan Suleiman street in the capital, near the Prahim Gate…The attacker left the knife at the scene of the crime and fled. Police set up checkpoints in the area and arrested three suspects for suspected involvement.

It is believed that the attack was a nationalistically motivated terror attack, and not an attempted robbery.

I’m waiting for Italians to chime in that he should have negotiated. The problem is, of course, that savages saliviate at spilling the blood of the decent. That’s why sometimes the civilized world has to wage war to stop freaks like this. Because if you don’t, they’ll eventually stab you in the back. Unfortunately, Angelo and his family now know that first hand.



  1. Despite, his somewhat misguided view, his altruism speaks volumes. The world is lesser for the passing of someone so motivated. Another tragedy.

    Shalom Aaron

    Comment by Aaron — August 12, 2006 @ 3:14 pm

  2. Mr Frammartino was described in the press as a Pacificist, Peace Activist and Communist who also supported the intifada.

    Before he left for Italy Mr Frammartino stated, “I never dreamt of condemning the resistance, the blood of the Vietnamese, the blood of nations under colonial occupation, or the blood of Palestinian youths from the first intifada.”

    Excuse me? A ‘Peace Activist’ who supports the intifada: murder by organised terrorism.

    It’s a shame that a taste of his own medicine left Mr Frammartino in the way the intifada has left so many: dead in the street.

    It’s also extremely ironic.

    Comment by -Canuck- — August 13, 2006 @ 7:03 pm

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