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August 21, 2006

Peaceful followers of peaceful religion “moderate” Malaysia.

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The Straits Times

THE main findings of the survey:

Islam as the main identity marker of Malaysian Muslims.

72.7 per cent choose being Muslim as their primary identity.

A growing orthodoxy in beliefs

77.3 per cent want stricter syariah laws in Malaysia.

57.3 per cent want the hudud (Islamic penal code) to be implemented.

44.1 per cent want the authorities to monitor and punish immoral behaviour.

71.1 per cent say Malaysians should be allowed to choose their religion, but 97.7 per cent feel that Muslims should not be allowed to leave Islam.

Gender rights

76.6 per cent say men and women have equal rights, but only 55.5 per cent say women can be syariah court judges.

Religious influence

73 per cent say their parents are the strongest influence on their religious beliefs, with religious teachers coming in a far second at 9.4 per cent and religious lectures and sermons at 3.2 per cent.

93 per cent have heard about Islam Hadhari, but only 53.3 per cent say they understand it.

Living with non-Muslim Malaysians

97.1 per cent say it is acceptable for Malaysian Muslims to live alongside people of other religions.

79.5 per cent say Muslims should learn about other religions in Malaysia.

83.8 per cent respond that Muslims could participate in interfaith dialogues.

63.3 per cent want the syariah to remain under the Constitution rather than to replace it.

Suicide bombing

62.1 per cent say it is the wrong action for Muslims, 11.6 per cent describe it as syahid or martyrdom, and 24.8 per cent choose ‘don’t know’.

Perception of the West

39 per cent choose ‘hate’ to describe their feelings towards the US, with 44.5 per cent choosing ‘dislike’. In total, 83.5 per cent have a negative attitude towards America. A total of 13.4 per cent choose the option ‘okay’.

For Europe, 18.8 per cent choose ‘hate’ to describe their feelings, with 38.2 per cent choosing ‘dislike’. A total of 34.3 per cent choose the option ‘okay’.

For Australia, it is 18.3 per cent for ‘hate’, 36.6 per cent for ‘dislike’ and 35.1 per cent for ‘okay’.


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