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August 23, 2006

MilitSS leader Return to Belgium after Studying in the Fields?

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BRUSSELS — Dyab Abou Jahjah has returned to Belgium four weeks after leaving the country to allegedly help the Lebanese resistance against Israel.

The controversial founder of the Arab European League (AEL) left Antwerp for his homeland of Lebanon at the start of the Israeli offensive against Hezbollah.

Abou Jahjah had said he was planning to assist the Shiite organisation against Israel’s attacks.

He refused at the time to elaborate further, but later wrote on the AEL website that he had started a journey that might be his last.

And now, upon his return to Belgium, Abou Jahjah is again tightlipped about his actions in southern Lebanon.

The extreme-right

Flemish Interest had earlier said Abou Jahjah should not be allowed to return to Belgium.

“There is no way back after he said on television and in newspapers that he openly supports the side of the Islamic fundamentalist terror organisation,” Flemish Interest leader Filip Dewinter said.

“Abou Jahjah cannot and may never step back into this country.”

Abou Jahjah is the driving force behind the AEL, which campaigns for immigrant Islamic rights in Belgium and the Netherlands. The Flemish Interest has long campaigned against immigration and the continued entry of Muslims into Belgium.

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