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August 28, 2006

All is Well in Kosovo, Not to Worry, All is well, it is just a little Jihate in Kosovo

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SARAJEVO, Aug 27 (KUNA) — Nine people were seriously injured in a bomb attack on a coffee shop in Serb-dominated Mitrovica town in northern Kosovo late Saturday, according to the radio of Pristina on Sunday.

The radio, picked up here, quoted a police statement as saying an unknown man tossed a bomb inside a coffee shop frequented by ethnic Serbs in Mitrovica injuring seven of them and two of the international mission in Kosovo.

A Brit working with the international police force and a Dutch woman working in the UN in Kosovo were rushed to a military hospital operated by the international peacekeeping force in Kosovo’s regional capital, Pristina.

The international police were investigating the attack, which fueled tension between the ethnic Serbs and Albanians.

Hundreds of Serbs staged a mass rally after the bomb attack to protest the assault.

Top officials in the Serbian government accused the Albanians in Kosovo of being behind the attack, and held the UN and international officials responsible for contributing to the provocative acts against the Serbs in Kosovo. (end) yr.



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