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September 7, 2006

Racism, sexism, and fetishisism in Multi Kulti Stan

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AN ISLAMIC convert was questioned about her virginity when she accepted a teaching job at a Muslim faith school, an employment tribunal was told yesterday.

Monique Buckner, 33, said that Hojjat Ramzy, 52, the owner of the Iqra School in Oxford asked her embarrassing questions about her sex life.

She told the tribunal in a statement: “In the office one day after school, Mr Ramzy told me that if he were younger, he would marry me. This disgusted me as I considered Mr Ramzy to be a pious Muslim whom I trusted and respected.”

Ms Buckner had converted to Islam after meeting Mr Ramzy on numerous occasions at a religios stall he ran in the city.

She told him her work permit as a teacher was about to expire, after which he offered her a job at the school, which has 75 pupils. She claimed she was paid £20 a day while other teachers received at least £10 an hour.

However Arthur James, for the school, said that Ms Buckner was only ever employed as a volunteer, which she denies.

After complaints, her pay went up by £60 a day but a week later her hours were cut amid claims of complaints from pupils. “In this way, he forced me out of my job, as I could not survive on five hour’s worth of work per week.”

Ms Buckner claims that she was discriminated against because of her nationality under the Race Relations Act.

The tribunal was adjourned.,,2-2346951,00.html


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