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September 9, 2006

From Down Under

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The man/woman who is supplying us with these delicious parodies mercilessly mocks Victoria’s Blasphemy Laws while satirising the Prophet and Muslim bigots who are fanatically seeking to financially destroy two Christian pastors for the heinous crime of quoting accurately from the Koran!

That’s right folks. In Bracks’ ever-so tolerant state of Victoria it is now a felony to quote from the Koran — except, of course, if you are a Islamo-fascist who thinks unbelievers deserve to be tortured to death or decapitated outright. Our gallant pastors were dragged in front of Bracks’ Star Chamber and condemned for exercising their right to free speech. For having the courage to defend an inalienable right these men were then given a show trial presided over by Justice “Vishinsky’ Higgins who naturally found in favour of Bracks’ oppressive law and Muslim intolerance.

The case is now in the Victorian Court of Appeal where Justice Geoffrey Nettle felt impelled to asked Woinarski, QC, who is appearing for the Islamic Council of Victoria, that surely

[t]here must be intellectually a distinction between the ideas and those who hold them?

Not according to Woinarski (or is that Vishinsky Junior?). In the true spirit of intolerance and a hatred of free speech he pompously — or maybe that was embarrassedly — stated that

If one vilifies Islam, one is by necessary consequence vilifying people who hold that religious belief.

Logicians call this argument the fallacy of the undistributed middle. But somehow I believe that Woinarski has about the same interest in logic as his fanatical Muslim clients. Moreover, at the same time as claiming victim-hood his clients are publicly endorsing the murder of apostates. But then again, this is what the “religion of peace and tolerance” teaches — isn’t it, lads? By the way, these are the same pious hypocrites whose supporters set-up the pastors.

Now the “The Racial and Religious Tolerance Act defines vilification as inciting hatred, serious contempt, revulsion or severe ridicule against a person or class of persons”. So what did these pastors actually do? They first quoted accurately from the Koran. They then said that Christians should pray for Muslims. How in heavens name could anyone with more than half a brain — with the exception of a hate-filled Muslim bigot — seriously argue that this amounts to religious vilification?

Bracks’ Blasphemy Law — for that is what it is — is being used by the Islamic Council of Victoria to try and silence critics. Well this critic would rather go to hell then allow these Islamo-fascists to take away his freedom. The law is the law. If these filthy bigots are truly honest they will not hesitate to use the Act against me.

These Muslims are the only immigrants to give us any trouble. They are the only immigrants who think they have a right to impose their religion on the rest of us. Australia welcomed and protected them. And these miserable ingrates show their gratitude by attacking our fundamental freedoms.

Well enough is enough. As a member of the Liberal Party I know full well that the membership is outraged by what has been going on — and they want Bracks thrown out and his oppressive laws repealed. I would go even further and demand that any Muslim who feels he cannot give Australia his undivided loyalty should be given every encouragement to leave the country. May I suggest we start with the members of the Islamic Council of Victoria.

The following links will give readers an excellent insight into the threat Victorians are facing.

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Gerard Jackson is Brookes’ economics editor


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