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September 13, 2006

Cover the body of the muslim terrorists with pig skin

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A Pakistani Christian nurse who worked for me in my medical establishment abroad, described the terror with which  the  minorities in
Pakistan live.  The christians maintain muslim name and even muslim dress to avoid detection and harassment.   If these terrorised minority christians start terrorist attack against the majority muslims in Pakistan, one can imagine about the swiftness with which the muslims in
Pakistan, eliminate the minority christians. 

But back in
India, it is the other way around.  The majority Hindus  are subjected to one of most continuous and horrific terrorist attack by muslim terrorists for a very long time, and our  government had failed to control it.  The Home ministry reports indicate more than 200 terrorist modules are operating in most of the states, and another  200 terrorist cells were eliminated so far.  Terrorists had targeted every conceivable place in
India from Parliament to temples to shopping plazas.  We are now a nation under siege by the islaimic terrorism sponsored by
Pakistan and aided by local muslims.  As we are a nation of timid cowards, at least the government should plan for defensive measures to avoid catastrophes.

After the tsunami our nuclear plant at Kalpakkam was totally exposed to outsiders. Many active muslim terrorist modules are present in Tamil Nadu and luckily we never had any attack by the terrorists in this installation.  Had they successfuliy attacked, even Chennai would have been uninhabitable because of radiation.  So also if a group of suicide attackers target any of our nuclear installations.  Muslims now have perfected the   suicide attack in
Iraq and not a day passes without some casualty.  Once the attention of muslim nations come out of Iraq, we may experience a spurt of suicide attack by muslim terrorists all over
India.  It is only the other day some suicide attackers were killed in Delhi who were planning to attack our IT firms in
Bangalore. Every day the travel in rail, plane or even a visit to a temple in
India is a dangerous thing as any time the muslim terrorists can strike.  


Muslim suicide bombers, fired up by their religion can lay many of our cities to waste.  The suicide team can waste few of its members, for killing off the security personnel manning any entrance.  Such security personnel run the risk of being killed off by the suicide bomber when they make an effort to verify their identity.   This scenario is being played in
Israel at present.  Hence our Nuclear installation which can be attacked by very few suicide terrorists needs special suicide police force from our side to prevent the entry of terrorists to reactors and plutonium plants. 

In case the Islamic terrorists gain access to these installation, it is very easy to create a dirty bomb with conventional explosives, and make a  city like
Bombay non liveable and  a no entry area.  
Britain had created 600 strong armed police force called ‘civil nuclear constabulary’, to guard against terror. 
Britain is worried about  nuclear waste theft to make dirty bomb by the terrorists.  . The police is  authorised to mount patrols, stop and search operations up to 3 miles from every nuclear installations.  This special forces are also authorised to make arrests at any other civil sites including sea ports, airports, and railway stations to prevent terrorists seizing nuclear materials in transit.   This is in addition to other precautions  like concrete blocks at all entrances,3km radius and 600metre high exclusion zone etc.  US is enforcing a 20 km no fly zone around all nuclear plants and France had installed surface to air missiles around its reprocessing plants.  A dirty bomb is a real possibility in
India, and specially trained armed police willing to die for our nation is urgently needed for our nuclear installations.  This force can even be called as a suicide squad for nuclear protection. 
India needs to develop special gases to kill off the terrorists, inside the nuclear plants, if they gain access to it.  Also a non-lethal gas capable of causing instantaneous sleep with appropriate delivery mechanism needs to be developed for hostage situations. 

Another method to stop the Islamic suicide attackers is to get in to their mind and stop them from starting their terrorist attack.  A method  first invented in
Sudan  by British colonials who wanted to deter suicide attack that apparently worked quite well was to cover the body of the dead muslim terrorists in pigskin.  .  Now  Russians  are covering the Chechen terrorists, killed in the
Moscow kidnap drama in pig skin and burying them.   Muslims believe they cannot enter heaven if they’re wrapped in pork skin and  that they would never be able collect their final reward, i.e., a lifetime of pleasure with 72 virgins in paradise with free booze, as promised  in their holy book. Strangely  Muslims aren’t allowed to drink in this life and not more than four wives, but are promised great wine in paradise and plenty of sex if they die for Islam.   Terrorist couldn’t be reasoned with, therefore we had to do everything that would defeat them and that includes wrapping his body in pigskin.


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