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September 18, 2006

Jihate Folks Wants another Apology from the Pope or…..or else…….1.2 billion mussulmen are offended – Please can we get their Names and Adresses?

Arab groups demand new apology
 Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood retracted their acceptance of Pope Benedict XVI’s apology, issued earlier Sunday just hours before the group ackowledged the apology as “sufficient.”

“[The Pope’s apology] is not a detailed apology, and because of this we call on the Pope to offer a detailed apology which will put a definitive end to the confusion,” the the group’s second in command, Mahmoud Habib said on Sunday. 

Indians demand pope apologises,,2-10-1462_1999536,00.html

New Delhi – Indian Muslim leaders and political parties have demanded an apology from Pope Benedict XVI for his remarks implicitly linking violence and Islam.

The chief cleric of the 17th-century Jama Masjid mosque in New Delhi said the comments were a deliberate attempt to hurt the feelings of Muslims worldwide.

Pope’s trip at risk as Turkey becomes less secular

The controversy surrounding the Pope’s speech on the relationship between Islam and violence seems to have been planned to bolster Turkey’s fundamentalist nationalism. Turkish Christians call on moderate Muslims to speak out if they don’t want their country to betray Atatürk’s legacy and democracy.

Ankara (AsiaNews) – Turkey’s Christians are horrified by the reaction out of proportion to the Pope’s university speech. Increasingly, people are wondering whether this reaction was planned by local mass media to reignite an anti-Christian diatribe that never truly died in the last few months. Turkish Christians appeal to “moderate Muslims to have the courage to speak out and show, first of all, that Muslims have not lost their mind and are still capable to engage others in a rational dialogue without clashing and resorting to violence and threats like months ago over the Muhammad cartoons affair.”

The Pontiff: “arrogant” leader or sharp scholar?

For an important Turkish public figure, who chose to remain anonymous (which says a lot about the current situation), the Pope’s speech in Regensburg was no accident. Of all the thousands of quotes the Holy Father could choose why did he have to pick the one by Manuel II Manuel II Palaiologos on the links between Islam and violence?

Is the Pontiff “an ignorant and arrogant provocateur” as the Turkish press continues to characterise him today? Or is there something more? There are in fact some who think otherwise.


Bomb explodes outside church

Basra – A bomb exploded outside a church in the main southern Iraqi city of Basra, a police officer told AFP on Saturday.

There were no casualties.

The bomb exploded in central Basra’s Al-Ashhar neighbourhood at 08:00 (1600 GMT) on Friday, said the officer, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“As the guard of the church opened the door, the bomb exploded. No one was wounded in the blast,” he said.,,2-10-1460_1999633,00.html


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