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September 19, 2006

It is hard to be The Jihate Man..

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Hassan Nasrallah is showing clear signs of “dejection, melancholy and
depression,” according to the editors of the Lebanese daily al-Safir, who
are counted among the most steadfast supporters of the leader of Hizballah.
Alongside a tiresomely long interview with him, published on September 5,
they note that the man radiates a sense of “disappointment and distress.”

It is no trifling matter that Nasrallah, who is always punctilious in
demonstrating self-confidence and determination, comes across this way to
those visiting him in his hideout. “I myself don’t even know where I am,” he
told his interviewers. “They have moved me from one hiding place to another
dozens of times.”


There are already signs that Hizballah has started moving its military
equipment from the South toward the Lebanese Biqa. In other words, Nasrallah
understands that the South has ceased to be “Hizballahstan” and he is
conceding the role that he had taken upon himself in the past, to serve as
the guardian of Lebanon’s border.


Jerusalem Report, October 2, 2006


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