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September 20, 2006

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Jihad Satire Video Contest

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The Muslims are restless once again. The Pope gives a rather arid, intellectual speech and the Islamofascists of our world pick out the few words they can understand, and as usual, go completely primitive over the whole thing.

“Oh, an Infidel said something about Islam. I don’t understand what he said, but he shouldn’t be talking that way about the prophet Mohammed.”

The 21st century completely escapes these idiots. That being said, so does the 20th century, the 19th, the 18th, and really, any century since back in the days when we acted like those apes at the beginning of 2001.

As Cube commented here this morning, “Hasn’t anyone noticed that they keep using smaller and smaller excuses to get angrier and angrier?”

Yeah, thanks for bringing that up, Cube. I have noticed that. But, don’t let the fact that they have a strategy fool you into believing they are operating on an intellectual level. There is no thought involved in any of this beyond, “Kill Infidel and Jew. Kill, kill, kill.”

Anyway, when the Muslims are angry, Infidel Bloggers Alliance steps up to the plate to make fun of them, the point being, make them angrier, because the angrier they get, the funnier they are.

Just look at that guy on the left. You want to tell me that isn’t hilarious?

What a baboon.

Anyway, here’s what we’re gonna do. Make Jihad Satire Videos. Work the Benedict controversy in, if you want to. Or, just film a video of a Jihadi promising to bring his 72 virgins flowers and candies when he sees them tomorrow. Whatever. These guys are ripe for satire.

Post the videos on YouTube, and then leave me the YouTube url here in the comments section. Pamela, from Atlas Shrugs, and Dympha and Baron, of Gates of Vienna will be judging. The results will be announced on October 9th.

I look forward to seeing your stuff. This ought to be fun.

Here’s a sample video to whet your appetite.

Here’s another classic.


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