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September 21, 2006

“I am furious I am absolutely furious – John Reid should not come to a Muslim area, we do not want to see him. John Reid, Tony Blair and George Bush’s crusade can all go to hell,” he said today during Mr Reid’s speech.

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………………..You all know as Muslims that we are treated as second class citizens,” he shouted to the crowd. “How many Muslims have been arrested?”…………….


Limewoody: Like Islam treat People of the Book as second class citizens and non-People of the Book worse than dirt all as ordained by your Allah.


…………………He said: “Muslims do not need British values. We believe Islam is superior, we believe Islam will be implemented one day. It is very rich for you to come here and say we need to monitor our children when your Government is murdering people in Iraq and Afghanistan.”……..


Limewoody: Then get the fuck out. What the Hell are you doing here, if it is not that you want to destroy everything and make chaos and disorder to promote your own sick and hatefilled agenda. Yeah…And what about the women and children in Darfur, Kashmir and Israel, Bali, East Timor………… What are you going to do about these thing – other than deny and deny and deny and let the killings go on and on and on…….. 


…………..”What about the British parents? What about the Afro-Caribbean parents? We are as worried as other parents are but we need to be part of a wider society,” he said…………


Limewoody: Yes, what about them and if you need to be a part of a wider society – be a part of the Greek-Roman-Christian and assimilate or get out to where your Ummah reign so poor and get flushed down the drain all by yourself – you are already well underway – but do not drag me and my down with you.


………………”The Home Secretary is generating a new climate of fear against Muslims, by not only suggesting they are all potential terrorists, but appears to be also trying to divide Muslims families,” said Ahmed J Versi………………….


What are you doing yourself. Terror in your mind apparantly is everybody elses fault. So you are no better yourself in letting the fear flourish – but this is part of your scheme as well?

Get a life. Take personal responsibility. Think for yourself – if you dare.,,2-2366837,00.html


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