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September 26, 2006


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By Satish Chandra

During the Mughal period everywhere the Muslim
population in India grew from a few thousands to more
than 50 millions. At the same time a continuous stream
of Muslims migrated to India from every where.

April is remembered as holocaust month in USA. In
April 1945, the liberating allied forces in Germany
brought the human killing factories to the attention
of the world. More than 11 millions people including
6.5 million Jews were systematically killed in scores
of Nazi concentration camps.

The world remembers only what you let the world not
forget it. The story of Hindu holocausts is of such a
magnitude that over the centuries it has reduced the
Hindu lives of lesser significance. These thoughts
were triggered last month by a visit to the Gadar
Memorial Center, San Francisco. This Reflection is a
corollary to the article that I recently did on the
Spirit of the Gadar.

Few remember how the forces of Temur butchered the
entire Meerut city of nearly 300,000 population. His
anger was ignited when one of his soldiers was beaten
to death for raping a Hindu woman. In 1398, Temur
invaded India on the pretext that ‘the Muslim
of Delhi were showing excessive tolerance to their
Hindu subjects’. Mind it, the Hindus were living in
their own homeland!

The trails of Hindu carnage particularly in Panipat
and Delhi during three months (Sep to Dec) were so
devastating that Delhi took 100 years to rebuild it.
The Hindu mothers used to hush their crying babies to
silence by Temur’s name. The Hindukush (means the
killing field of the Hindus) in Afghanistan is a
living testimony of Hindu genocide when the region was

Under the Mughals, the atrocities over the Hindus
reached new heights during 48+7 year reign of
Aurannzeb and his son. It was a cultural genocide.
SAVA MANN JANEU JALANA (nearly 1000 Lbs. of sacred
thread worn underneath by ‘baptised’ Hindus put to
flame every day) is proverbially etched in the
memories. The Hindus had to pay two separate taxes for
living in Hindustan! It was during this period that
the Muslim population in India grew from a few
thousands to more than 50 millions. At the same time a
continuous stream of Muslims migrated to India from
every where.

The British fully understood the psyche of the Indians
drawn from three politically active religions viz.
Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. Their major thrust was to
cut the vital roots of Hindu culture by spreading
nonsensical theories on the origin of the Hindus,
Vedic interpretations, and imposing damaging systems
on education, agriculture and flourishing cottage
industry. After quelling India’s 1857 Rebellion,
imposed extraordinary levies on land and special
taxation that gradually broke the will of the people
to live.

This is the approach that the Germans took in working
the inmates of the concentration to death while
keeping them under nourished. The new diseases of
plague, small pox, tuberculosis and typhoid not
existing in India before the advent of the British
started wiping the Indian populace in hundreds and
thousands a day. It also happened to the native
populations in many countries in North and South
America when the European colonisers occupied them. It
is the world’s first biological warfare!

According to the British Gazetteer, 19 millions died
of famine. 15 millions died of plague and malaria
according to Sir William Digby during 1891-1900.
Hundreds died in Bankura, Bengal and Rajputana in the
famine 1915-16. 7,251,257 (Yes, more than 7 millions!)
died from plague during 1897-1913.The actual numbers
may be double. These are the most recent holocaust of
India, and the Hindus were the worst hit.

The Gandhi movie captures this human condition when
Gandhi after his return from South Africa, tours India
during 1915-18. During my 1987 tour of Rajasthan, I
often wondered at the absence of tall and strong men
who could carry 100 Lbs. of battlefield armor of
Maharana Pratap as displayed in Agra Fort during
1980’s. What happened to the generations of such
sturdy men? The same was observed in Gujarat and
Bihar. Most men and women were hardly 5’ tall and
weighing 80 Lbs. Orissa, Bihar and Bengal are still
worse. Imagine the lost generations during 1880’s
through Independence in 1947.

In half of his autobiography, My Experiments with
Truth, Gandhi has tangentially mentioned how in South
Africa the British treated the Muslims as a race
better than the Hindus. But the most glaring example
of Hindu racial inequity is the crime punishment
schedule in Saudi Arabia. There are numerous instances
that go to prove that the Hindu life comes cheap.

When a member of Nazi death squad was asked, “How
could you shoot at the innocent Jews?” The answer
“Because they don’t resist!” A similar question
posed to Gandhi, ”Do you believe that your
non-resistance policy would work against the

The Sikhs faced the gruesome genocide after Banda
Bahadur Bairagi. It is incredible that his
torture-to-death moved Nobel Laureate Tagore 200 years
later to compose a poem.

According to one reliable source, 43% of the Sikh
population in Punjab was literally hunted down during
1716-1738. This holocaust is called Ghalughara in Sikh
history. Every Sunday the Sikhs are reminded of it!

I owe it to my name, my scholarship and my lofty Hindu
heritage for bringing these buried holocausts out so
that the present generations stand up to political
events in India and overseas. The awareness of these
historical monstrosities shall awaken the racial
self-esteem of the Hindus. The Hindus in India will
emerge strong like the Jews in Israel. The time is
ripe for making a documentary on the holocausts of
India. I have broached this subject to a young
documentary producer, Arti Jain.


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