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October 4, 2006

A Week In the Life of Eurabia

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The week that ended on September 30, 2006 was victorious in many ways for the cause of Islam in Europe. Via-Resistancia sent a lengthy recapitulation of the week’s events, that I am adapting and abridging:

At the beginning of the week the Swiss chose, by an overwhelming majority, a toughening of their immigration laws – a result of concern over the rise of Islam in their country. This was the only bright spot for Europe these last several months.

In Germany the removal of Mozart’s opera Idomeneo at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin triggered rage on the part of conservatives. However, various Muslim organizations protested against “racism” and “Islamophobia”, and the so-called conservative politicians backed off. Chancellor Angela Merkel first warned against yielding to the fear generated by “radical Islamists”, but later organized a conference chaired by Interior Minister Schäuble to study ways of teaching Islam in schools and training imams! A big victory for Islam.

In France and Italy, the Catholic Church does not cease making gestures of friendship toward Muslims, and acts of submission to apologize for the Pope’s words. Ramadan messages have been posted at the websites of the dioceses and in small parishes, and appeasing sermons have been delivered at Mass…the message is loud and clear and proclaims with certainty that “Islam and Muslims are respected”…dhimmitude is complete when the Church, that is usually quick to defend human rights, surrounds itself with a shameful silence as soon as a man’s life is threatened for having exercised his freedom of expression.

In France the week was marked by the story of a philosophy teacher who is today the victim of a fatwa, as Salman Rushdie was before him. For having refused to follow the approved line of thinking he is now in flight and forced to hide out in his own country, threatened with death by the mollahs, and pursued by MRAP! His students and colleagues distance themselves out of fear of reprisals…The radio is silent. Dominique de Villepin at least defended the principle of freedom of opinion, but Sarkozy was too busy being friendly with Muslims at the Ramadan dinner in the Paris Mosque…

Sometimes it’s better to hold one’s tongue. Education Minister Gilles de Robien would have done better to remain silent rather than reproach the teacher for speaking out. As for the so-called League of Human Rights, it sent out a pathetic communiqué denouncing his “hatred of Islam and Muslims…”

The Redeker Affair was not the only event in France. On September 23, hundreds of pro-Hezbollah sympathizers marched in Lyons. Emmanuel Hamelin, the UMP deputy of Lyons and regional counsel condemned the rally and expressed surprise that the socialist mayor Gérard Collomb approved it and allowed his communist aide, Sabiha Ahmine, to lead the parade. Ahmine is chargé of integration and citizens’ rights and president of the Resistance and Deportation Historical Center. The rally profoundly shocked the people of Lyons and Mayor Collomb finally suspended Sabiha Ahmine from her functions and admonished her for marching in the demonstration, where portraits of Hassan Nasrallah were brandished.

While churches offer displays of sympathy to the organized illegals, another rally took place on Saturday in Paris. Several thousand people (3600 according to the police, 20,000 according to the organizers) demonstrated their support for those expelled from the Cachan shelter and waved a banner saying “Housing, Amnesty, Education for Everyone!” The entire Left and human rights organizations were there, as were the socialist deputy Jack Lang, Alain Krivine of the LCR (Revolutionary Communist League) and Clementine Autain the communist aide to Bertrand Delanoë, the mayor of Paris. Jack Lang insisted to reporters that the squatters needed to be relocated, but he did not offer to take them himself to his superb private residence at Place des Vosges, where he is owner of one of the most luxurious and spacious dwellings in Paris.

To conclude this inglorious week, the government announced that on the day of the opening of the film Indigènes, dealing with the fate of a small number of Muslim soldiers conscripted into the French army during colonization, the military pension these men receive will be increased to parity with the pension received by French veterans. “An act of justice,” according to Chirac. More likely an act of submission given the fact that Muslims and Germans were in collusion during the second World War.

But what difference does historical truth make in these times of Chirac’s dhimmitude, when we are told that there are Muslim roots in Europe, and that it was the Muslims who liberated France in 1944?

…But for a long time now Omaha Beach has been just another beach.


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