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October 16, 2006

UNbeliveblablablabla: PukeTime

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Via Little Green Footballs: 

The United Nations is hosting a series of seminars titled “Unlearning Intolerance,” and the next one focuses on the dreaded cartoons of blasphemy. (Hat tip: Dan.)

Are they going to discuss the violently intolerant reaction of the Islamic world to the relatively mild Danish cartoons?

Of course not, silly! This seminar will emphasize “The Responsibility of Political Cartoonists:” UN Chronicle | Cartooning for Peace (UN Chronicle E-Alert).

And that responsibility is, of course, the responsibility to avoid offending the Religion of Tolerance™.

Accompanied by this Orwellian graphic by anti-Israel, anti-American French cartoonist Jean Plantu, available as an attractive commemorative plate:

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