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October 20, 2006

Jihate en La Frawnce…..the civil War goes on mostly unattened in Eurabia

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The French websites have all been talking about a crime that took place over the weekend (Friday and Saturday, October 13 and 14) in Epinay-sur-Seine in the notorious department of Seine-Saint-Denis. On Friday night the police received a call that a car had been vandalized in the Orgement project. Three policemen of the BAC (Anti-Crime Brigade) were dispatched only to find themselves caught in a pincers by two cars. About 30 hooded “youth” were waiting for them armed with brass knuckles, iron bars and poles. When the three officers got out and tried without success to dissuade the criminals with rubber bullets, one officer was hit in the jaw by a rock. He took refuge under a porch, the criminals headed his way and he took out his FIREARM and shot in the air. One criminal shot back, but the gang fled when they realized the police were using firearms. It is most unusual for French police to use their firearms.

All the reports stressed the fact that it was a premeditated ambush signaling a jihad against the police, and by extension, against the French State.

Michel Thooris, secretary of the police union CFTC maintains that the acts of violence are premeditated and manipulated by “radical Islamists”. Occidentalis printed an interview he granted to L’Est Républicain, a regional paper:

– What is your reaction to what happened in Epinay-sur-Seine?

– The situation has been deteriorating since 2002. We’re sounding the alarm and exposing what’s been happening in lawless areas. Our union covers 600 districts in which there has been an unprecedented rise in violence, violence that is no longer a spontaneous outburst demanding social benefits, but a violence that amounts to a declaration of war with the French Republic.

– What have you been able to observe about this rise in violence?

– Since the neighborhood police forces have been disbanded, there are no accurate crime figures. People can no longer file a complaint. But our colleagues tell us that a many acts of violence committed against them are to the cries of “Allah Akbar”. The “youth” are in a holy war, on a jihad against the French State.

– Are you saying that they’re Arabs?

– No. not at all. This jihad in the neighborhoods is not about skin color or nationality. They are people who have learned a fanatical doctrine from radical Islamists in clandestine mosques, who instill in them a hatred of the West, of Americans and Jews. Members of the Jewish community living in these areas are under tremendous pressure. They no longer feel safe and are really in danger.

– As in Epinay, these acts of violence are not spontaneous?

– No. It’s not the result of young people smoking a joint or drinking and then saying: “Let’s go get us a cop!” There is, here, a real structure, a preparation for the act. By doing away with the neighborhood police, the original mission of the police, dating back to the monarchy, has been abandoned. Today, instead, it is the imams who call for calm. Even many mayors appeal to them to restore order.

– Is religion the cause?

– We are for the respect of all religions. The first victim of this rise in fanaticism is the Muslim community of France that aspires to living its faith in peace. But they are finding it more and more difficult because of the attempt to impose shari’a law in these neighborhoods. Look at the example of the young girl eating a sandwich during Ramadan and almost being stoned. In a republic she has the right to choose her religion and not to follow Ramadan! This effort to impose shari’a is a deviation of the Muslim faith on the part of fanatics for the purpose of destabilizing French society and the State. It is not the Muslims of France who have declared a religious war but radicals like those one finds in other countries such as Egypt or Morocco. And they threaten to take vengeance on those Muslims they deem too moderate. We are denouncing the irruption of this situation in France.

– Aren’t you making too much of all this and using the same rhetoric as the extreme-Right?

– We are a non-political union. In our group there are people from the Left, the Right, the extreme-Left and the extreme-Right. Some accuse us of being extreme-Right because we use certain words. Are we supposed to remain silent? It isn’t helping the people who live in these neighborhoods, be they black, white or Arab, who are suffering because of this rise in fanaticism, for us not to tell the truth out of political correctness.

The noteworthy thing about this interview is, unfortunately, not the courage of Michel Thooris, but rather his obvious fear of offending Muslims and the media. He is adopting the standard George Bush point of view, namely that it is just a few radicals who have “highjacked” a great religion, and he stresses how peaceful most Muslims are. He implies that Muslims should be free to practice their faith in a Republic, but he avoids mentioning that the nature of Islam is such that it cannot accept any law that is not Islamic law, hence the laws of the Republic are doomed to be violently overthrown.

Note also how the newspaper hounds him about sounding like an extremist. Standard media intimidation.

Finally I should mention that the French police are warning everyone that the “suburbs” intend to celebrate with violence the anniversary of last year’s November riots.



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