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October 20, 2006

Jihate in Holland

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17 October 2006

AMSTERDAM — The public prosecutor accused terror suspect Samir A. of planning to kill left and right-wing politicians on the first day of the trial against the Piranha network on Monday.

A. and five other suspects are charged with plans to murder MPs Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders, Laetitia Griffith, Boris Dittrich and Jan Marijnissen.

They are also accused of wanting to assassinate Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, Lower House speaker Frans Weisglas and Amsterdam Alderman Ahmed Aboutaleb.

Additionally, the group allegedly had plans to blow up the headquarters of the Dutch security service AIVD in Leidschendam, NIS news reported.

Meanwhile, the court ruled on Monday that the suspects must have full access to their dossiers. They have not been unable to access then since being transferred to another prison.

The public prosecution said A. was the leader of the Piranha network. The 20-year-old Dutch-Moroccan has faced terrorism charges in the past but has been repeatedly acquitted due to lack of hard evidence.

A video testament in which A. allegedly announces a suicide attack and shows a gun in the background is being used as evidence in this trial.

Guns were also discovered by chance in an apartment in The Hague apartment of fellow suspect Soumaya S., but no evidence has been found linking the suspects to the weapons.

The trial is being held in the heavily-guarded Amsterdam-Osdorp court building. The six suspects are accused of membership of a terrorist organisation, illegal weapons possession and planning terrorist attacks.

The court is due to hand down its ruling on 17 November.


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