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October 21, 2006

EUrabia Pays Religious tribute.

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 EU Pays Allowances to Health workers and Teachers During Ramadan

RAMALLAH, October 18, 2006 (WAFA – PLO news agency) – Palestinian health
workers, teachers and other civil servants will receive a further allowance
of 1,500 NIS in their bank account this week from the Netherlands, Germany
and the UK, Netherlands Representative Office to the PNA said Wednesday in a
press release.

The Office said the disbursement of 20 million Euros is made in reply to a
request by President Abbas to the European Union for payment of emergency
allowances during Ramadan.

“70,000 of the poorest-paid public-sector workers will benefit from this
payment. They have received almost no salary for the past six months.In
addition, the European Commission will make available a payment of 1,000 NIS
to 90.000 so called social hardship cases (people who are unemployed and
have no other sources of income) for a total amount of 17 million Euros,”
reads the press release.

The European Union is concerned about the severe economic crisis in Gaza and
the West Bank. Figures from the Palestinian Poverty Monitor in October show
that the number of households below the poverty line has dramatically

Nowadays, 67 percent of the Palestinian people live below poverty level of
around 2,000 NIS per month for a family of two adults and four children.

The Temporary International Mechanism has been set up to ensure that aid
goes directly to the Palestinian people, without government intervention, to
reverse the worsening humanitarian situation in Gaza and the West Bank.

It was established by the European Union to support basic needs of the
Palestinian people, including health, education, social services, fuel and

“The EU stresses once more that the resumption of transfers of tax and
customs revenues collected by Israel on behalf of the Palestinian Authority
would have a significant impact on the Palestinian economy,” the press
release adds.

The EU has continuously called on Israel to release the funds and recently
asked the Palestinian Authority to consider the resumption of such transfers
via the Temporary International Mechanism to improve the economic and
humanitarian conditions in the West Bank and Gaza.


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