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October 23, 2006

Jihate en Frawnce – Intifate update

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In an article dated October 17, 2006 at Bafweb, Michel Thooris, General Secretary of Action Police CFTC (1) denounces the gradual return to the violent conditions that spawned last November’s riots:

“The events of the last few hours point to a steady resumption of riots like those of last November.

“Blogs that incite to riot and amateur videos showing attacks on our colleagues, especially at Mureaux, circulate freely on the Internet.

“These videos are consulted by several thousand people in a few days. Amateur videos such as these completely discredit the police who appear to be caving in to their attackers. They openly incite to riot and are paraded as trophies by the authors.

“The police are becoming less and less credible. We are more and more the targets of traps and ambushes by these individuals who perceive our total impotence. The minimal conditions of security to do our job properly in the current circumstances are no longer guaranteed.

“The total impunity enjoyed by these individuals has resulted in a greater and greater withdrawal of government services in these neighborhoods. The result: 6.23% increase in violence against persons between October 2005 and September 2006, according to the figures of the National Observatory of Crime.

“This figure is probably minimized compared to the reality, if you consider that the victims almost never file a complaint out of fear of retribution. Nicolas Sarkozy is totally overwhelmed by the situation.

“We want exceptional measures to be implemented in order to restore order in the neighborhoods, and to return their freedom to the residents who are literally taken hostage by gang leaders and a few fanatical families of Islamo-Maffiosos.

“We need supplementary equipment, fire hoses, non-lethal weapons, an extension of video-surveillance and drones to monitor efficiently these lawless zones.”

(1) Action Police is a small police union affiliated with a larger group the CFTC, French Confederation of Christian Workers. Michel Thooris is apparently a well-known figure in France.

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