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November 4, 2006

Meanwhile in la Frawnce #2

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Reporting crime, like building mosques, is a growth industry in France. An article in Altermedia reveals that after last November’s riots a “national indicator of violent acts” was created on January 1, 2006 to monitor the evolution of so-called urban violence:

…The figures are not very favorable for the Minister of the Interior. And though it’s difficult to compare with previous years, since figures are not available, the raw statistics are explicit enough.

There were 76,898 acts of violence recorded between January 1 and September 30, 2006 breaking down thus:

Note: in the following enumeration I am combining several paragraphs of the original text into a shorter summary. Remember this is urban violence for 9 months:

Car fires: 31,514 – any type of vehicle, from scooters to buses (with or without passengers)

Trash can fires: 20,080 – often started to attract the police into an ambush

Throwing projectiles: 6113 – anything from stones to Molotov cocktails

Damage to urban fixtures: 5959 – bus stops, public telephones, etc…

Burning of public property: 4396 – schools, municipal buildings – anything that signifies the authority of the State

Collective violence against security, rescue and medical personnel: 4244 – these acts are becoming more and more discussed on the televised news, due to their spectacular nature

Car chases: 4149 – if you don’t like your neighbor steal his car and have some fun!

Occupation of apartment lobbies: 228 – it may not seem like much, but just try walking through a lobby occupied by a bunch of surly thugs, ready to spit insults at you…

Gang fights: 215 – as in the United States, gangs fight each other for control of a piece of the “territory”, or to avenge an insult or just to show off that they have “cojones”!

Our society is becoming “Americanized” in the worst sense of the word. And to think Sarkozy prefers the American way! He must know what he’s talking about since he has plenty of examples under his eyes every day!

Here, the article suggests that a visit to the website of the Interior Ministry for the national crime figures between October 2005 and September 2006 will be instructive and will leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

The crime report report posted at the government’s website shows that the French authorities distinguish between reported crimes and what they call “elucidated” crimes, i.e. those that have been investigated or clarified in some way. There are 107 different categories of crime, ranging from “homicide with intent to rob” to the general “other crimes”.

Here is another partial breakdown. Remember, this is all of France, for one year 10/05 – 09/06:

Detained 24 hours or less – 433,944
Detained more than 24 hours – 96,011
Released from custody – 1,026,027
Arrested – 64,677
French nationals found guilty – 865,403
Foreigners found guilty – 225,301
Males under 18 found guilty – 173,398
Males over 18 found guilty – 753,595
Females under 18 found guilty – 27,447
Females over 18 found guilty – 136,264

Total Reported Crimes (faits constatés) – 3,734,470

Total Clarified Crimes (faits élucidés) – 1,269,988

Note: there are many misleading data in crime reports. First, not all crimes are reported. I have even heard it said that MOST crimes are unreported. Second, a crime may be reported as less serious than it actually was, like calling an attempted murder a car chase, etc…Third, look at the statistics on foreign vs. national criminals. You get the impression that many more French commit crimes than foreigners, but we know that untold numbers of immigrants rapidly received French nationality without having to work very hard for it.

Note: to access the crime report click the link below, then click the third option listed to download the report, Acrobat required.



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