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December 5, 2006

Global Jihate 13 out of 24 major Conflict involves mussulmen.

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WASHINGTON: A new study has found that of the 24 major armed conflicts taking place worldwide in 2005, more than half (13) involved Muslim governments or paramilitary groups on one or both sides of the fighting.

According to Monty Marshall and Ted Burr of the Centre for International Development and Conflict Management, among six countries with “emerging armed conflicts,” four are predominantly Muslim, whereas Thailand, involves a Muslim separatist movement.

Daniel Allott, a policy analyst for a group called American Values, writes in the Washington Times that the study highlighted a central question: Is Islam especially prone to violence? He argues that there is “disturbing proof that a far deeper culture of violence pervades much of the Islamic world”.

Marshall and Burr’s study also rated 161 countries according to their capacity to avoid outbreaks of armed conflicts. Whereas 63 percent of non-Muslim countries were categorised as “the strongest prospects for successful management of new challenges,” just 18 percent of the 50 Muslim nations were similarly designated.

Allott maintains that this evaluation reveals the “glaring reality” that violence is a fact of life in many Muslim nations. But is Islam itself the impetus? He quotes a recent Pentagon analysis which found that most Muslim terrorists say they are motivated by the Quran’s “violent commands”. The 9/11 hijackers and London bombers made martyrdom videos in which they recited the Quran while talking of “sacrificing life for Allah”.

He writes, “We simply cannot overlook extremist interpretations of religion as a significant part of the problem when terrorists yell, ‘God is great!’ as they decapitate their victims or blow themselves up in a crowded market. He writes that some Muslims’ “appetite for destruction” is not surprising given the ability of prominent Muslim leaders to foment hatred of the West. “But while experts assure us only a small percentage (perhaps 10 percent) of Muslims are willing to participate in terror, with 1.2 billion Muslims globally, that’s more than 100 million jihadists … The West must recognise these violent outbursts for what they are: calculated acts of outrage meant not to refute but to intimidate non-Muslims into not speaking up at all.” khalid hasan


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