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December 8, 2006

What the Islamists Have Learned

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If I were an Islamist, a terrorist, a sworn foe of democracy, here is what I think I would have learned from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. This is what I would write down in my hard-earned manual of instruction.


Even if you can muster only 10,000 soldiers over the entire countryside of Iraq, paint the narrative like this: The Americans are irresistible occupiers, and yet they cannot prevent small (even individual) acts of destruction. Daily, unrelenting acts of destruction demonstrate that chaos rules. The American strategy, and the American storyline of the war, are invalidated by continuing chaos, highly visible, every single day, on worldwide television. The new dominating story is that the Americans cannot win



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  1. Hello! I have something to say about jihad. I am a young Muslim girl. I know a lot about jihad. I have gone to Islamic schools my whole life. I am a Muslim by birth but I am American. My mother convirted. I am writing to you to tell you what jihad really means in our religion not what Islamic extremest believe, who are actually rejects to us Muslims. What happened on 9/11 was horrible. I hope that those corrupt men who did that will pay. In Islam, jihad means struggling for the sake of god. You can do that by helping our neighbor, praying, telling the truth, and so on. It is easier to be bad than to be good. When you do something good, not for publicity, but for god, in our religion it considered as jihad. You can also do jihad by defending your religion, such as a holy war. In Islam, when you make jihad in war you are not supposed to hurt buildings and trees, women, children, elderly, or any other innocent civilians who do not attack you. You only attack those who hurt you. What I am doing now is jihad. I want everyone to know that most of us Muslims are not terrorists. Please post this article so everyone knows that not all of us are bad. That our religion is not bad. I would really appreciate it. May god bless you all.

    Comment by mariah — December 11, 2006 @ 5:31 am

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