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December 15, 2006

Second annual Rally Against Islamofascism Day announced

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A prominent educational and action group today announced the date set for a second annual Rally Against Islamofascism Day, with rallies planned for various locations across the United States, as well as around the world.

(LOS ANGELES, CA, 12/13/2006) – With the successful execution of simultaneous rallies against Islamic militancy held across the United States in early 2006, the United American Committee today announced a second Rally Against Islamofascism Day (R.A.I.D.), this time international, set for Saturday March 31st, 2007. The event, described on the UAC’s website at will be a joint effort of organizations in a common goal of educating others to the dangers posed by radical Islam. “This is an opportunity for people of all walks of life to come together, setting aside political or religious differences.” remarks United American Committee Chairman Jesse Petrilla, who also noted that Muslims are especially encouraged to join in the rallies.

Prior to the announcement, the UAC reached out to an array of organizations to build a coalition to ensure the success of the rallies. While many organizations joined in support, one organization in particular refused to unite in the effort. CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, when asked by the United American Committee if they would join in the rallies, refused by not answering e-mails from the group’s members, and even hung up on UAC officials when the United American Committee attempted to contact CAIR’s Washington DC offices. CAIR has been criticized by many prominent individuals including U.S. Senators Richard Durbin, and Charles Schumer, due to CAIR’s documented ties to the militant group Hamas as well as their engagement in what many view as suspect activities. Some individuals have gone as far as stating that CAIR is a front for supporting Islamic terror.

The UAC has engaged in past activities which it will tie into the March 31st rallies. In July of 2006, the United American Committee issued a challenge to patriotic American Muslim leaders to issue a fatwa, or Islamic edict, calling for condemnation and denunciation of Osama bin Laden and other terrorists by name. This was in response to a previous fatwa supported by The Council on American Islamic Relations which according to the UAC ambiguously defined terrorism without naming specific terrorists. CAIR was personally sent the challenge for the new fatwa by the UAC, and has as of yet not issued a letter of support for such an edict. “Why won’t they [CAIR] issue a fatwa against bin Laden? Against Ayman al-Zawahiri? Or against other terrorists by name? They issue a fatwa condemning the killing of innocents, but who is innocent? Are the infidels innocent to them?” said homeless activist and UAC Board Member Ted Hayes. When the UAC’s challenge was taken to the Saudi funded King Fahd Mosque in Culver City, California the leaders of the mosque refused to entertain the idea, so on September 10th, 2006 the United American Committee staged a protest outside of the mosque where they hung an effigy of Osama bin Laden from makeshift gallows, inviting all of the mosque’s members and leaders to join in the rally. While some members of the mosque came out and stood alongside UAC members hitting and throwing shoes at the dummy, the leadership of the mosque remained on the opposite side of the road where a counter protest was staged. “The hanging of bin Laden in effigy was an opportunity to hold the mosque leaders’ feet to the fire for not supporting the fatwa, and I believe this Rally Against Islamofascism Day will be an opportunity to hold CAIR’s feet to the fire.” said UAC Chairman Petrilla. The UAC stated that by CAIR’s refusing to support the fatwa, and by their nonsupport of the Rally Against Islamofascism Day, that CAIR has unwittingly chosen the location of the rallies. The United American Committee plans on setting the location of the March 31st rallies to take place in front of many of CAIR’s 32 nationwide offices. “I want to see effigies of Osama bin Laden hung at all of these rallies, let the terrorists know we are on the offense, and let those who are with us join with us.” said Petrilla, urging those who will be organizing rallies to include a hanging of bin Laden in effigy at each event if possible.

Some members of Islamic groups have expressed concern over the set date of the rallies against Islamofascism, March 31st, 2007 being the Islamic holiday Mawlid al-Nabi, the Islamic prophet Mohammad’s birthday. United American Committee officials contend that this is purely by coincidence, saying the last Saturday in March was chosen for its generally good weather and the fact that most people will be off work on a Saturday and available to attend a rally. UAC has assured that the rally will stride forward to be held on the date set.Individuals are encouraged to organize rallies in their areas on the date of the Rally Against Islamofascism Day, and may contact the United American Committee via the UAC’s web page which will post the locations of rallies as they are formed at


United American Committee
P.O. Box 3301
Burbank, CA 91508


December 8, 2006


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Written by Jack Wheeler & Steve Baldwin   
Friday, 24 November 2006

[This memo is being sent to the leaders of every major conservative organization in America]

TO:  Conservative Leaders
FR:  Jack Wheeler & Steve Baldwin
RE:  The Creation of an Anti-Islamofascism Movement
Anti-Communism:  The Original Conservative Movement
 One cannot write the history of the Cold War without acknowledging the key role played by the American Anti-Communist Movement.  It was a broad movement involving many different organizations that, for four decades, kept its focus on the defeat of the Soviet Empire.  And it succeeded.

Indeed, Anti-Communism was the defining issue that brought hundreds of thousands of people into the conservative movement from the 1950s throught the 1980s.  There was a sense that this movement had to be successful if not only America but Western Civilization itself were to survive.

What did this Movement Accomplish?
The Anti-Communist Movement was formed after World War II when it was revealed that Soviet spies were operating throughout our government. This movement became one of the most successful political movements in our history. 

It started out slowly due to liberal propaganda during WWII which convinced many Americans that Russia was our friend since they were aligned with us during the war.  By the 1950’s, the Anti-Communist Movement had created a massive infrastructure which became a major educational and political force within America.  This movement:

  • Exposed pro-communist groups operating within our borders.  The movement lobbied Congress to have hearings and even to create standing committees to carry out investigations (such as the House Un-American Activities Committee). This greatly limited the effectiveness of these pro-communist groups and educated an entire generation of Americans about the domestic subversive threat.
  • Lobbied for bigger defense budgets, a bigger Navy, more nuclear missiles, SDI, and a more aggressive foreign policy to oppose the Soviet Empire.
  • Generated a slew of newsletters, magazines, speaker bureaus, radio shows, etc. that educated generations of Americans as to what Communism stood for and how it endangered our freedom.
  • Created a political force that affected the election of hundreds of Anti-Communist politicians and influenced how people voted for at least 2-3 generations.  This movement eventually led to the election of Ronald Reagan, the person most responsible for our victory over the Soviet Empire.

The Infrastructure of Anti-Communism
This American Anti-Communist Movement also created an infrastructure by establishing smaller specialty groups that focused on individual issues.  For example, the movement created groups that:  

  • Supported Anti-Soviet Freedom Fighter movements challenging communist regimes in Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Angola and other Soviet colonies.  Some of these groups raised funds for these resistance movements and even delivered supplies.
  • Developed and promoted the concept of missile defense as a viable strategic tactic.
  •  Worked on intelligence issues such as making sure our intelligence agencies had the resources to counter the Soviet threat. 
  • Worked on geo-strategic issues such as energy and how they affected the Soviet Empire. 
  • Encouraged and funded East Bloc dissidents and helped dissidents escape from Iron Curtain countries. Such groups would send these dissidents on speaking tours creating a flurry of articles about the  horrors of the Gulag and the inhumanity of the Soviet system.
  • Smuggled in Anti-Communist literature behind the Iron Curtain;  Christian mission groups would smuggle in Bibles knowing that religious belief would help undermine the Soviet Communist system. 
  • Lobbied corporations and government entities to disinvest funds from the East Block or to cease trade. 
  • Lobbied to increase funding for the Defense budget and to educate Americans about massive Soviet military spending. 
  • Formed Anti-Communist youth groups domestically (Young Americans for Freedom) and worldwide (World Anti-Communist League) whose main goal was to educate youth about communism. 
  • Formed groups that pushed for alliances with other countries who were similarly threatened, such as NATO. 

Forming a Similar Infrastructure to Combat Radical Islam
We don’t think anyone can dispute the fact that the forces of Islamofascism have embarked upon a World War of global conquest that may last for decades if not longer.  Since Islamofascist terrorists have no boundaries, this war will be even tougher to fight than our battle was against the Soviet empire.

Already, the Islamofascists have a beachhead in Western Europe.  According to demographic experts, Europe will become Islamic in a generation – and it’s not the moderates who hold sway in the Islamic communities in Europe.   If these numbers are translated to political power – which undoubtedly will be the case – it will have dire consequences.  Eventually, radical Islamic political blocs will take power in many European nations such as Belgium, Holland, France, and Britain.

The Washington Times reports (11/21/06) that Russia is well on its way to becoming an Islamic country.  Within eight years (by 2015) over half the soldiers in the Russian Army will be Moslem.  By 2020, over 20% of Russia’s entire population will be Moslem.

What happens when Moslems in political power have access to the nuclear arsenals of Russia, France, and Britain?  

Couple this with the increased presence of Islam in Africa and Latin America, and there is a distinct possibility that America, within a generation of two, will be alone in the world. We would be encircled by enemies dedicated to our destruction.  No doubt by then, there will be thousands of Jihadists within the US prepared to carry out terrorist acts on command from international Islamic powers.  

We cannot allow this to happen without a fight.  Western Civilization is worth fighting for.  We cannot allow our grandchildren to live in Islamofascist tyranny

But we don’t seem to be prepared for this war.  Unlike the movement created during the Cold War, there doesn’t seem to be much of an infrastructure to combat Islamofascism

If we truly care about our children and grandchildren, then we must create an infrastructure modeled after the Anti-Communist Movement.  Here’s a few areas off the top of our heads that an Anti-Islamofascism Movement could be addressing: 

  • Investigate radical mosques. 80% of mosques in America are Saudi-funded and promote a form of Radical Islam known as Wahhabism.  There aren’t any groups that monitor them or call for congressional or IRS investigations of their activities.  Yet we know from literature picked up by those who have signed up for classes at these mosques that many promote jihad against the West.  If a Christian church did that, they would lose their tax-exempt status within a week.
  •  Support Anti-Islamofascist freedom fighters. There are resistance and dissident groups within Iran and other radical Islamic countries who are willing to organize against their regimes if they had some outside assistance.  Yet there are no groups set up to promote their cause or to lobby Congress to get them covert assistance.  
  • Thwart attempts to impose Sharia Law.  The ultimate goal of Islamofascists is to impose Islamic “Sharia” religious law upon us all.  Groups could monitor and block every Fabian effort (imposing Sharia in small bites) like demands for prayer rooms and allowing headscarves in schools. 
  • A Rapid Response media team to stand up to Islamic bullying.  The US Airways story removing Moslem imams from a flight resulted in a barrage of denunciations from Moslem advocacy groups like CAIR with no one to give a “fair and balanced” rebuttal.  What is needed is an “Anti-CAIR” media team that can praise the justifiable concern of airline passengers for their safety and demand that Moslems understand that concern.  There must be no tolerance for Islamic bullying. 
  • Form an Anti-Islamofascist publishing network. There is a great need for more publications and newsletters that focus on the Islamofascist threat both here and abroad.  Remember the “Pink Sheet of the Left”? It launched an explosion of Anti-Communist publications. 
  • Create an Anti-Islamofascist portal on the Internet.  There’s a need for a website “portal” coordinating efforts to monitors all the radical Muslim foundations, leaders, organizations, mosques, etc. now operating in the US who have already been tied to terrorists or are espousing radical viewpoints.  Such a website would also allow private citizens to contribute intelligence to it.  For example, Joe Sixpack reports picking up a flyer promoting jihad from a neighboring mosque.  This intelligence would be checked for accuracy and if accurate, added to the entry on the website under the name of that mosque. 
  • Establish an Anti-Islamofascist Speakers Bureau.  There are many experts in addition to the small number now known to the media such as Frank Gaffney and Robert Spencer, who can talk about the world-wide Islamofascist threat.  But most media people don’t know who they are or where to find them.  There’s a need for a speaker’s bureau marketing Anti-Islamofascist experts in a systematic fashion to all the major media outlets. 
  • Monitor the billions now being spent on Homeland Security.  There are already reports of large-scale waste and fraud occurring, which, of course, takes funds away from counter-terror efforts.  There currently aren’t any groups that monitor the effectiveness of various Homeland Security tactics or lobby to institute new tactics and strategies that may be more effective. 
  • Wage an ideological assault on Islamofascism.  Radical Islam is a totalitarian doctrine with numerous parallels to Marxism, yet intellectually crude and medievally primitive. A scholarly assault through think-tanks, seminars, and conferences can be conducted, targeting the multitude of weaknesses and vulnerabilities of Islamofascism. 
  • Support the Chinese Christian Back to Jerusalem project to evangelize Moslems in Europe and the Middle East. China is on its way to becoming a majority Christian nation within 20 years, with over 100 million Christians right now.  Not only can they serve as a major bulwark against the spread of Islam in Asia, but many are determined to reverse that spread throughout the world.  Teams of Chinese missionaries are already preaching the Gospel in many countries abroad, with tens of thousands to follow.  Their efforts could be greatly assisted by the large network of Christian philanthropists who fund mission work. 
  • Create a Global Anti-Islamofascist Coalition. We need to identify and work with other organizations in Europe and elsewhere who are working against the Islamofascist threat.  They exist, but few know anything about them.  The Anti-Islamofascist movement needs to become a world wide coalition. 
  • Reframe the illegal immigration issue as one of national security.  This is already being done by Congressman (and 2008 presidential candidate) Duncan Hunter. There is evidence that Moslem Terrorists may have crossed our porous borders and if it hasn’t happened already, it certainly will.  We also know that they have exploited other immigration issues such as the student VISA program so favored by the 9/11 terrorists. And yet, there is little evidence that much has changed in this regard.  We still allow people in from terrorist-harboring countries with little checking, and the Democrats are determined to block the construction of a security fence on our southern border. 
  • End our dependence on foreign oil that’s funding the Islamofascists. Despite protests to the contrary, we know that Saudi money is being funneled to radical madressas and foundations that are the training grounds for Radical Islam.  We also know that Hugo Chavez in Venezuela is using his oil billions to fund anti-American groups.  It is time that we pushed our political leaders to get out of the way and allow America to become energy independent.  We need to stop subsidizing our own enemies.   

Most Americans are unaware that the Democrats are largely responsible for our dependence on foreign oil. The efforts by Democrats to block the drilling of existing oil and gas deposits (such as the gigantic reserves off our Atlantic and Florida Gulf coasts) and to stop the construction of oil refineries and nuclear power plants is outrageous and needs to be aggressively attacked.   This movement should set as one of its goals the elimination of these obstacles so that America can be energy independent within a decade.

Where Do We Go From Here?
We are not claiming to be experts on how to launch such a movement; we’re just throwing out some ideas based on lessons we learned from being veteran “Cold Warriors” in the Anti-Communist Movement.  The intent of this memo is simply to get conservative leaders thinking about how we can create an Anti-Islamofascism infrastructure in this country.

This needs to be done in order to preserve both America and Western Civilization. It’s about our survival. Without the Anti-Communist Movement, it’s likely we would still be in the midst of the Cold War today. Wise men and women rose up to the challenge and created a movement that was very much opposed by the existing political and media establishments.  But we won.  Then we all went to sleep. 

The Anti-Communist Movement was funded in large part by a network of philanthropies and foundations – Scaife Foundation, Smith-Richardson Foundation, Coors Foundation, and many others who provided the seed money for many of the most successful Anti-Communist groups. 

Similarly, we will need many of today’s conservative foundations and philanthropies to reassess their missions.   They need to be encouraged to reorient their mission so as to help finance projects aimed at combating Islamofascism. 

Yes, many of them are engaged in important work such a promoting civic and moral values, faith based initiatives, and improving the quality of education.  But none of this work will mean much if we lose our culture to radical Islam. 

And then, of course, we have lots of existing conservative groups but very few of them are focused on addressing this threat.  We believe that every conservative group out there needs to reassess is mission and ask itself how it can contribute to this offensive.  Perhaps new groups will need to be formed that will focus solely on combating Islamofascism.   

Once this infrastructure starts to coalesce, it would be productive to have formal coalition meetings to discuss how best to further our goals.

Perhaps a meeting needs to be called to discuss all this.  Your thoughts?  Please email us at: \n This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or \n This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Yours for America and its survival,

Jack Wheeler
President, Freedom Research Foundation

Steve Baldwin
Executive Director, Council for National Policy Action, Inc.

November 9, 2006

Bat Ye´or

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Ladies and GentlemenIt is for me a great honour to be invited by CSI, an organization that has been so active on so many humanitarian fronts in order to denounce slavery, war crimes and genocide, and to alleviate human suffering. And I am thinking particularly of its struggle on behalf of human rights and dignity in Sudan since 1992, and CSI’s freeing over 80.000 Christian and other Sudanese slaves under the leadership of John Eibner and Gunnar Wielback.

The globalization of our world and the policies that have led to large-scale Muslim immigration, adopted by the European Community from 1973, has introduced into Europe conflictual situations and prejudices common in the Muslim world against non-Muslims that have been documented by Orientalists familiar with Islamic theology, law and history. But the politization of history initiated by Edward Said has obfuscated the root causes of Islam’s traditional hostility toward Jews and Christians from the seven century onward. Edward Said was a Christian raised in Egypt and educated in America; he taught English literature at Columbia University. A great admirer of Arafat and a member of the PLO’s top Committee, he endeavored to destroy the whole scientific accumulation of Orientalist knowledge of Islam and replace it with a culture of Western guilt and inferiority toward Muslims victims. The obliteration of the historical truth that he constantly pursued from 1978 – starting with his book Orientalism – as well as his hostility to Israel, has prevented an understanding and the resolution of problems that today assail Europe and challenge its own survival.

I will examine the relations between Islam and Christianity, Islam and Judaism, Judaism and Christianity and the tensions created by a Muslim immigration into a European Judeo-Christian civilization. I will speak of those issues in that order.

In the relationship between Islam and Christianity, we can examine both the theological and the political levels. The theological pillars of Islam are: the Koran which is Muhammad’s revelation; the Hadiths, a compilation of his acts and sayings which have a theological and normative value; and the early biographies written about him. According to these three sources, Islam sees itself as the primal and sole true religion. Islam is the pure religion of Adam and has preceded all others. The Koran uses biblical names like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and others but they represent different people than those in the Bible – and all are considered to have been Muslim prophets who preached Islam. Jesus is also a Muslim prophet called Isa, endowed with a different life; he brought a book: the Gospel, in which he preached Islam. We have, in fact, a Jesus named Isa, a Muslim prophet, and Yeshua, the Jewish Jesus, “born in Bethlehem of Judea” (Matthew 2:1). According to several hadiths, Isa has a mission: at the end of time he will return to destroy Christianity and impose Islam as the sole religion over the whole world. These hadiths, often quoted in sermons, speak of him killing the pig, breaking the cross – which means destroying Christianity – and the hadiths continue: he will suppress the jizya or poll-tax and the booty will be boundless. The suppression of the jizya refers to the suppressions of all religion other than Islam. In the Islamic optic, what is Christianity? Christianity is a falsification of Islam and of the true message of Isa, which is the same as that revealed to Muhammad: Islam. It follows that a good Christian is a Muslim. True Christianity is therefore Islam.

And what about Muslim-Jewish relations? They are more complex but they follow the same pattern. When Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina, he found there large Jewish tribes well organized with their synagogues and scholars. On their festive days they assembled and studied the Bible. Pagan Arabs were jealous and complained that they were illiterate and ignorant and didn’t have a book like the Jews and the Christians. Hence, Muhammad proclaimed himself to be the prophet whom the Jews were awaiting, an Arab prophet sent with a revelation in Arabic given by Gabriel, which was the same as that revealed to the Jews and Christians. The discrepancies between the Koran and the Bible were noticed by the Jews. Muhammad answered by accusing the Jews of hiding the truth and by saying that their Bible was a later falsification of the Islamic revelation given to the Muslim prophets: Abraham, Jacobs, Moses, and all the others. The true Bible was the Koran. Since Jewish objections hampered his predication, Muhammad decided to get rid of the Jews of Medina. Some were expelled and their belongings confiscated and shared among Muhammad and his followers; others – from 600 to 900 males, according to Muslim sources – were beheaded and their wives and children enslaved. This is the origin of Islamic hatred and accusations against Jews. Muhammad’s various decisions against the Jews in Arabia also set the theological jihadic laws against Christians and other non-Muslims. Muslim law gives to Jews and Christians the same legal status. That means that, in Islam, Jews and Christians are treated identically as “the People of the Book” (ahl al-khitab). Christians, whatever their efforts to dissociate themselves from Jews or from Israel, are put into the same category of the Jews by Islamic law.In short: Jews and Christians are left with what? The true Bible is the Koran, the Holy Scriptures of Jews and Christians are just falsifications, and all the biblical figures are Muslim prophets who preached Islam. In practice, what are the consequences?

1) Biblical narrative in the Holy Land is Muslim history, and Jews and Christians had no history there as they came after Islam. Their history and their sacred scriptures are in the Koran. This motivates Muslim opposition to the legitimacy of the State of Israel. The Bible is considered a travesty of Muslim history.

2) Because Judaism and Christianity originate from one unique trunk, which is Islam, these two religions are unrelated. It is false to assert that Christianity unfolded from Judaism. This is why the Islamized Churches in the Muslim world have developed a kind of Marcionism, abandoning the Jewish Jesus in order to link Christianity to the Palestinian Arab Muslim Isa. This trend which originated in the Palestinian and Arab Churches (Sabeel Centre in Bethlehem) is growing in Europe, supported by the antisemitic/anti-Zionist wave created by Palestinianism.

Palestinianism is the new European salvific theology created to help the Arabs destroy Israel, but which in fact is eating away at the roots of Christianity. Palestinianism teaches that if justice is granted to the Palestinians, suddenly the global jihad and the persecution of Christians in Muslim lands will disappear. “Justice for the Palestinians” in reality means the elimination of Israel. This elimination will bring peace to the world. Since 1973, this has become a joint Euro-Arab policy. The cultural and media war to delegitimize Israel accredits also the Muslim belief that Jews and, therefore, Christians have no historical roots in the Holy Land. Another consequence of Muslim replacement theology is that when we speak of Judeo-Christian values, we are in fact referring to Muslim values. And when we refer to biblical narratives and figures, or to their iconography, we offend Muslims because they do not fit in the koranic model.

Now let us see the political context. Since Muhammad was a prophet, a legislator and a war leader, legislation and politics are united in the service of the religious expansion and domination of Islam. The ultimate goal is to impose Islamic rule over the whole world. In this perspective, Muslim political doctrine divides the world into two eternal enemies: the land of Islam (dar al-Islam) and the land of war (dar al-harb) inhabited by the infidels which must – in the end – be conquered by Islam. Between them no peace is possible, but only temporary truces in case Muslims are too weak to conquer them. This is the doctrine of jihad which is a comprehensive legal system of war based on theology that regulates every aspect of Muslim behaviour toward non-Muslims. Jihad is a religious duty incumbent on Muslims, individually and collectively, and this is preached regularly by imams in sermons worlwide.

Jihad covers several fields: military actions, terrorism, abductions, ransoming, enslavement, and armistice conditions, the jihad by the pen – that is to say, propaganda – and the jihad of the hearts, which means corruption. Jihad has been waged for thirteen centuries against non-Muslims and huge geographical areas have been conquered and their population subdued, enslaved, deported or massacred. The non-Muslim population targeted by jihad is given a choice: conversion to Islam or the payment of a ransom to the Muslim authority and recognition of its sovereignty. If they refuse both they will face war. After a land has been conquered and its population accepts to submit and pay a tribute for its security this population becomes a dhimmi people. It is “protected” by a pact of submission, called the dhimma. Protected from what? From the jihad onslaught. Non-Muslims dhimmis are protected only as long as they pay the tribute, which is a poll-tax, and submit to oppressive and discriminatory shari’a regulations.

Islamic law covers the rights and obligations of dhimmis in great details. This has been the subject of my research. I call dhimmitude the Islamic system of governing the non-Muslim peoples subjected by jihad. This system is linked to jihad and like jihad it is a theological, political and legal institution. Dhimmitude is, in fact, the peaceful continuation of jihad because it is dhimmitude that destroyed the massive non-Muslim majorities that were conquered.

It is my opinion that we are now living in a period of reactivated jihad and dhimmitude. Those of you who have laboured in South Sudan and Darfur and have seen the atrocities there will recognize these legal tactics of jihad described in my books or in any Muslim texts on jihad. What is happening in Iraq evokes the events in the 8th century described in Mesopotamia by the Christian Syriac cleric Pseudo-Dyonisos of Tell Mahre, quoted in my study on The Decline of Eastern Christianity which is available here in a German edition. These events are confirmed at that same period by Armenian chronicles and by Egyptian priests describing Muslim internal feuds and atrocities in Egypt against dhimmis, or by Jews in Palestine, and with the passing centuries the chronicle of the Jacobite Patriarch of Antioche (in Syria), Michael the Syrian, that covers a period till the end of the 12 century. We have countless accounts on the devastation by the Arabs and Turks in Anatolia, in the Balkans, and all along the European Mediterranean coasts and islands.

Today, as in the past, jihadist terror is waged not only against Israel, Judaism, but also against the West, that is Christianity. Beheading the enemies of Islam, like the prophet did when he set a sacred model by beheading the Jews who refused to convert – was repeatedly done by jihadists during all the jihad conquests of Christian lands. Abducting infidels for ransom fills up countless historical accounts. Suppressing by terror all criticism by infidels of the Muslim religion or policy is mandated in the land of dhimmitude. Jihad and dhimmitude are the two forces that have eliminated the indigenous non-Muslim populations from their Islamized homeland. Jihad today is displayed in all its traditional manifestations: military and economic warfare, terror, abductions, corruption for the control of the Western media, the universities and public opinion.

Dhimmitude is applied now against non Muslims – mainly Christians – in most Muslim countries. Shari’a laws or laws inspired by shari’a discriminate against non-Muslims, mainly Christians, the Jews having fled or been expelled. Now it is the Christians – in Iraq, Syria, Egypt and elsewhere – who are leaving because in Islam anti-Jewish hate is always connected to anti-Christian hate and vice-versa as it grows from the same source. Hence, anti-Zionist European policies adopted in order to protect Europe and local Christians from Islamism is useless.

Why have we regressed to a situation all too common throughout history till the 19th century and in some countries, the 20th? It is my opinion that 1973 was the fatidic date when political decisions were made that would lead Europe along the path to dhimmitude. It was the period – after the Kippur War – when European independent states, threatened with PLO terrorism and an Arab oil boycott, accepted to submit and adapt their foreign policies to Arab and Palestinian political demands. This is when the European Palestinian appeasement policy began. Europe helped spread the new death cult: Palestinianism, which is the sacralisation and legitimisation of the jihad against Israel. For decades Europeans have been conditioned by Euro-Arab Palestinian propaganda and Israel’s demonisation. To achieve this end a whole culture of denial of historic jihad and dhimmitude has been conceived and propagated throughout Europe. The responsibility for terror and war was deliberately shifted from the jihad ideology to Israel’s right of existence. Palestinianism is just the modern continuation against the Jews of the jihad onslaught waged against Christianity for over a millennium.

By justifying the Palestinian jihad against Israel, Europe entered into a suicidal dynamic. The repudiation of Israel’s historical legitimacy and its replacement by a jihadist world order with its own Islamic conception of justice denies Europe’s own sovereignty and legitimacy. In the Islamic context, Palestinians incarnate jihadist ideology against infidels and Muslim replacement theology; whereas, in fact, Israel represents the liberation of the Jewish people from the yoke of dhimmitude. For decades the European Union has provided the Palestinians with the intellectual, cultural and media ammunitions against Israel. It was Arafat, the subsidised “mignon” of Europe, who invented modern international terrorism – including air piracy against Israel in 1968 – and created a culture of hate and a policy of chaos since September 2000 that have now become global. Europe’s alliance with the Palestinians and the Arab world against Israel and America was based on its own denial of jihad ideology. Because of this denial Europe encourage a large-scale Muslim immigration for economic and strategic interests. This is why Europe is today deeply submerged by an anti-American and anti-Zionist culture.

For Christians, Israel is central in this context, because jihad is waged in the name of Islamic replacement theology, whereby Isa replaces Yeshua or Jesus, and the Koran replaces the Gospel. Christians are linked to the Jews by the Bible. If Christians want to break from this bond, they will have to forego the First Testament, including the Ten Commandments, the Prophets, and the Psalms and somehow, link the Gospel to the Palestinian Muslim Isa of the Koran. This is the challenge that Christians are facing now. And this is the spiritual meaning of Israel for Christians now: either Christians will resist or they will convert and Europe will become one more Islamized Christian territory. The jihad against Israel is also a war against the Christian world.

It is my opinion that Europe has become the new land of dhimmitude and I will explain why. I have described in Eurabia, my last book, the causes that have triggered the dhimmitude of Europe. I will not develop this theme now but I will explain why politically and intellectually we have become dhimmis.

We accept to have our life continuously disturbed and threatened by the global jihad. From the moment the European Community, instead of fighting terror, submitted to the Palestinian threats, it lost the control over its own security. European policy with the Palestinians is a total failure because it was deliberately based on false assumptions and the denial that the PLO’s war against Israel was a jihad. Europe gave an unconditional support for Arafat, and paid billions of euros without any control to the Palestinian Authority. The result of European’s unilateral solicitude for the Palestinians has resulted in the election of Hamas, a terrorist jihadist movement. Europeans behave like dhimmis who have to pay tribute money for their security and the development of Muslim economies without even being thanked. Massive Muslim immigration, linked with the 56 Muslim countries weighs heavily on European policy. We have seen it during the Danish Cartoons Affair. According to Islamic law, dhimmis cannot criticise the Prophet or say that Islamic law has a defect without risking death. Hence, the Islamic blasphemy laws – even at the United Nations – have been imposed on us, and particularly on the Western media. The Islamists control the foreign, domestic and security policy of Europe through terror, the ongoing intifadas in France and the policy of chaos in the suburbs, jihadist-martyrdom bombings in Spain and England and persistent threats everywhere. It is such threats that keep the level of anti-Americanism and the hate against Israel so high in Europe.

The European policy of symbiosis with the Arab-Muslim world which I have described in Eurabia has set up a vast Euro-Arab demographic, political, economic and cultural zone encompassing immigration and multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is a crucial dimension of the Euro-Arab strategic alliance. Since 1975 the texts of Euro-Arab meetings and of the EU require the establishment of cultural and political Muslim centres in European cities. The problem is that Muslims and Europeans have contradictory views on their common history. Europeans consider jihad a barbarous war causing huge massacres and enslavement, while for Muslims jihad represents a peaceful progression of Islam. Dhimmitude is a dehumanizing system, but for Muslims it is a generous tolerance offered to non-Muslims. In order to accommodate the Muslims and their integration in Europe, European leaders have promoted the Islamic view of history. Therefore, they have justified and lauded the tolerance of dhimmitude, as for instance the Andalusian myth. For this reason, Europeans ignore totally what is jihad and what is dhimmitude. While we are currently living a period of jihad, and while Europeans are already conditioned to dhimmitude, they do not realise it because the historical framework has been obfuscated.

Cultural jihad with its antisemitic, anti-American and anti-Western characteristics develops within the context of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism thus becomes the instrument for the subversion of Western thought, aimed at imposing Islamic historical and theological thinking such as the justification of Islamist terrorism – based on the Muslim self-perception of victimhood. The erroneous affirmation that it was Islamic culture that has triggered European civilization in medieval period, is an attempt to prove Islam historical, cultural and demographical legitimacy in Europe, and consequently the implementation of shari’a principles today. It also affirms Islam cultural superiority over the West.

To conclude: There has been several interfaith dialogues but with poor results. Europe has paid billions to Muslim countries worldwide but the culture of jihad is flowering in spite of Europe’s appeasement policy. Palestinianism which is a replacement theology was the tool that led to Europe’s Islamisation and dhimmitude. By joining the Muslim jihad against Israel, the Christian West has obfuscated its own history, and now faced with a global jihad it is unable to assess correctly the situation and defend itself. Israel represents the liberation of man from dhimmitude, whereas Palestinianism represents jihad and dhimmitude ideology based on replacement theology. Europe, enslaved by Palestinianism, has chosen servitude instead of freedom. If we want peace to prevail, the Muslim world must abandon the jihadist ideology, it must recognise Jews and Christians as different and not see them as apostate Muslims. And this must start with Muslim recognition of the legitimacy of Israel, because jihad started against the Jews and it can only end with the rehabilitation of the Jews and Israel, which will bring the rehabilitation of all non-Muslims. We can achieve it if we speak the truth, if we teach in our schools and universities jihad and dhimmitude. Then, masses of peaceful Muslims, liberated from the jihadist ideology of hate, will join us to build together peace. But we cannot help them if, ourselves, we are doomed in dhimmitude.

Bat Ye’or, born in Egypt, is a pioneer researcher on ‘dhimmitude’ and ‘Eurabia’. Her four major books translated from French into English are: The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam, (1985); The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmitude, (1996), German edition: Der Niedergang des Orientalischen Christentums unter dem Islam, (2002); Islam and dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide (2002), and Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis, (2005). German translation in preparation.

Via Dhimmi Watch. 

November 7, 2006

Muslims excluded from India’s spy agency: report. Now, Why Can that Be???

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NEW DELHI – There are scarcely any Muslims working in India’s 10,000-strong external intelligence agency, and neither Muslims nor Sikhs working as bodyguards for the country’s top leaders, according to officials and media reports.

Mainly Hindu but officially secular India has its first Sikh prime minister, Manmohan Singh, but his community is not trusted enough to guard him, according to Outlook magazine this week.

The magazine said India’s minority Muslims were not trusted by the security apparatus because of fears they could sympathise with the country’s mainly Muslim neighbour and long-time foe Pakistan.It said none had been recruited by the country’s external spy agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), since 1969.The domestic Intelligence Bureau (IB) had decided to recruit Muslims in the l990s, Outlook said, but the organisation still only had a ‘handful’ of Muslim officers.A government spokesman declined to comment on the report.An intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Outlook was wrong to say there were no Muslims in RAW but right to say there were scarcely any.Nor were there any working as bodyguards in the Special Protection Group (SPG) assigned to protecting current and former prime ministers and their families, he said.‘It is an unwritten rule in the SPG that they cannot recruit a Muslim or a Sikh,’ he told Reuters.A.S. Dulat, who served as RAW chief from 1999 to 2000, said he did not recall coming across any Muslims in the organisation but could not confirm the Outlook report.‘If we do not have any Muslims obviously this is a handicap,’ he told Reuters. ‘If there are no Muslims, there must have been a reluctance to take them in. It is also not easy to find that many Muslims.’

 ‘Need for Muslims acute’

Sikhs have not been used as bodyguards since Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her personal Sikh bodyguards in 1984 at the height of a Sikh insurgency, Outlook said.Dulat said Sikhs had come ‘under a cloud’ following Gandhi’s murder, but found it hard to believe they would still be excluded from bodyguard duties today.The status of India’s estimated 140 million minority Muslims is the subject of intense debate.Leaked excerpts of a specially commissioned report, due to be published this month, have shown Muslims are significantly underrepresented in government jobs and in the judiciary but overrepresented in the prison populations in many Indian states.There are just 29,000 Muslims in India’s 1.3-million strong armed forces, according to the defence ministry.But Outlook magazine’s report will also raise concerns about whether India’s intelligence gathering will be effective without Muslim agents and officers.‘The need for Muslim officers in intelligence-gathering is acute,’ another former RAW chief, Girish Chandra Saxena, was quoted as saying. ‘There are very few people who have knowledge of Urdu or Arabic. The issue has to be addressed.’India is not alone in failing to recruit Muslims to the top levels of its security and intelligence apparatus.America’s Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are still reportedly struggling to recruit Arabic, Urdu and Farsi speakers five years after the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

Sikhs constitute nearly two percent of India’s 1.1 billion population and the army is currently headed by General J.J. Singh, a Sikh.

November 5, 2006

Christians ask if force is needed to protect their religious values

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By Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Sunday Telegraph

Last Updated: 12:13am GMT 05/11/2006

A leading church group which represents more than a million Christians has raised the prospect of civil unrest and even “violent revolution” to protect religious freedoms.

In a startling warning to the Government, senior church and political figures have backed a report advocating force to protest against policies that are “unbiblical” and “inimical to the Christian faith”.

The Christians’ report echoes protests made by radical Muslims

The menacing language of the report, which Lord Mawhinney, the Tory peer, Andy Reed, the Labour MP, and the Rt Rev Peter Forster, the Bishop of Chester, helped to produce, echoes comments made by Muslim fanatics.

Only days ago, Islamic activist Anjem Choudary said Muslims had become radicalised because they were “a community under siege”.

The report from the Evangelical Alliance says “violent revolution” should be regarded as a viable response if government legislation encroaches further on basic religious rights. The church is urged to come to a consensus that “at some point there is not only the right but the duty to disobey the state”.

The report, entitled “Faith and Nation”, comes amid growing concern that people are being prevented from expressing their faith, including BA’s recent decision that an employee could not wear a crucifix.


The Government’s attempt to introduce religious hatred laws has highlighted the growing threat to religious liberty, the report says. Pope Benedict XVI has also said that God is being pushed to the margins by “secular forces”.

Proposals to ban proselytising in publicly-funded Christian projects could ultimately lead to Christians being prevented from teaching others about the Bible. This would “be unambiguously recognised by Christians as perpetrating evil that has to be resisted by deliberate acts of defiance”, the report says.

While it has always been expected that the greatest threat to Britain’s security will come from Muslim extremists, the report will cause particular alarm to government ministers as it reveals disquiet among the country’s Christian population.

Significantly, it comes from the Evangelical Alliance – a mainstream organisation representing 1.2 million Christians. The organisation acknowledges that “resisting evil in the modern state” can take many different forms. Before resorting to force, Christians would normally first turn to dialogue.

But in some circumstances “the use of defensive force may become a necessary and legitimate remedy for Christians”, it suggests.

“If, as most Christians accept, they should be politically involved in democratic processes, many believe this may, where necessary, take the form of active resistance to the state. This may encompass disobedience to law, civil disobedience, involving selective, non-violent resistance or, ultimately, violent revolution.”

Mike Morris, the executive director of the Evangelical Alliance, said that the report reflected the breadth of submissions they had received.

“It is not as if Christians are going to take to the streets, but we need to be able to stand up to things that are challenging the Christian conscience, regardless of the consequences.”

However, the Very Rev Colin Slee, the Dean of Southwark, said it would send out a confused message.

“The fundamental themes of the gospel are love and reconciliation, not violent revolution,” he said.

The Evangelical Alliance has raised the debate at a time when religious liberty issues are beginning to dominate the headlines following the row over Muslim women’s right to wear the veil and BA’s decision to suspend Nadia Eweida, 55, for breaching its uniform policy by wearing a cross.

Anjem Choudary, who helped organise the anti-Danish cartoon protests, last week said that the London bombings should not have come as a surprise. “How else do you expect Muslims to express themselves?” he said. “We are a community under siege. It’s going to blow up one day in everyone’s faces.”

This newspaper revealed last week the increasing anxiety among senior police officers at the change in “the landscape of political protest” since the millennium – prompting them to consider introducing water cannons to control violent street protests.

Tarique Ghaffur, the Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Force, said last week: “Recent high-profile demonstrations and the actions of individuals or groups at localised protests have served to highlight a complex dynamic emerging in London, built around a potentially volatile mix of issues and increasingly diametrically opposed religious-political viewpoints.”;jsessionid=4YKIPHPLJL2V5QFIQMFCFGGAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2006/11/05/nrelig05.xml

November 4, 2006

The Infidel Bloggers Alliance “Uncovered Meat” Contest

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May be Ken Lyddell of Islamic Evil now will begin to see what I meant??

Go for it: 

In honor of the Australian Imam who, the other day, proclaimed that women who do not wear the veil are like “uncovered meat”, and thus deserve to be raped, we here at IBA have decided that it would be prudent, at this juncture, to celebrate our Western freedoms.

Therefore, we introduce The Infidel Bloggers Alliance “Uncovered Meat” Contest.

Send in photos of your wives or girlfriends in various stages of undress. Or, if you are a babe, just set up the camera and time it to stike a pose. Keep them relatively clean, but make sure that there is plenty of carne visible. We need to judge the quality of the victuals.

The photograph featured here is of Indya, the Queen of the Northeast. I’d say she is quite a prime cut, wouldn’t you? Definately Pastorius-D-A Choice. I love them served rare like this.

(Thanks to Pim’s Ghost for coming up with this great idea. She tells me she is going to submit a photo of herself. Now, that’s the kind of female submission we Infidels like to see.)

November 2, 2006

The European Holocaust Begins: Priest sets himself afire

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BERLIN: A retired Protestant minister died Wednesday of burns after setting himself on fire, apparently to express his concern over the spread of Islam, a church official said.

The Rev. Roland Weisselberg, 73, climbed into a construction site next to the Augustinerkloser church in the city of Erfurt, poured gasoline over himself and set himself on fire Tuesday during Reformation Day church services, said church provost Elfried Begrich at a news conference.

Weisselberg said in a letter that Germany’s Protestant church should take the problem of the spread of Islam more seriously, said Begrich. He had spoken about the issue more and more over the past several years, according to Begrich.

Before dousing himself, she said Weisselberg shouted “Jesus and Oskar,” which was taken as an apparent reference to the Rev. Oskar Bruesewitz, who set himself on fire in 1976 as an apparent protest against the communist government then in power in East Germany.

Weisselberg was taken to a burn clinic in the city of Halle, where he died.

October 26, 2006

Allah Poubelle

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Via Gallia Watch

October 21, 2006

Christians, Muslims face test on terror: Vatican

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Vatican City, October 20: The credibility of Christianity and Islam are at risk if believers do not make a stand against terrorism, a top Vatican cardinal said on Friday.

In a message of greetings to Muslims at the end of their annual Ramadan fast, the Vatican’s head of inter-religious dialogue said Christians and Muslims ‘respect and value each other’.
The Vatican greets Muslims at the end of every Ramadan, but this year’s message comes at a particularly sensitive time for relations between the two religions after Pope Benedict made a speech last month which offended many in the Islamic world.
Cardinal Paul Poupard said in his message the two religions, which ‘give great importance to love, compassion and solidarity’, had to fight the ‘particularly painful scourge’ of violence and terrorism.

“Without doubt, the credibility of religions and also the credibility of our religious leaders and all believers is at stake,” the message said.
“If we do not play our part as believers, many will question the usefulness of religion and the integrity of all men and women who bow down before God,” it said.
The Pope made a speech in September in which he quoted 14th century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus, who said the Prophet Mohammad commanded ‘to spread by the sword the faith he preached’.
The Pontiff has many times expressed regret for the reaction to the speech and held an extraordinary meeting with Muslim representatives to assure them of his respect.

October 16, 2006

A BOARD game that glorifies the violent race riot in Sydney’s Cronulla is being promoted by nationalist group Australia First.

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 BOARD game that glorifies the violent race riot in Sydney’s Cronulla is being promoted by nationalist group Australia First.The Australia First website holds a link to an anonymous website hosting the Cronulla Monopoly board game.

The game’s anonymous creators say it’s dedicated to “the efforts of all those who had the guts to come along to the rally at Cronulla … to defend the Aussie way of life”.

“They were there to protect ordinary Australians from the Lebanese thugs who travel in packs and gang up on innocent individuals, especially women.”

The object of the game, which can be downloaded from the internet, is to buy property in the Sutherland Shire in order to donate money to right-wing groups like Australia First and Patriotic Youth League.

Images of people waving the Australian flag are positioned on the board, which also contains the words “Today is the Shire’s Independence Day … Freedom to all Aussies”.

Australia First, which is entering a candidate in the New South Wales state election in March, said in a message on its website that it did not create Cronulla Monopoly.

But it said the game “seems to have emerged as a response to the problems of the multiculti (sic) sickness that has gripped Australia.”

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