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September 26, 2006

Danish wake-up call on Islam

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COPENHAGEN On Sept. 5, the day Danish police arrested nine Muslim suspects in connection with a foiled terrorist plot, a slender book warning of conquest by Islamic fundamentalists in Europe appeared in bookstores here.

“Islamists and Naivists,” by Karen Jespersen and Ralf Pittelkow, has since risen to the top of the best-seller list and is causing a sensation in Denmark – in part because the authors are establishment figures previously known for their progressive attitudes toward Islam and integration.

The book is also gaining notice because Denmark, a country celebrated for its fairy tales, is on the front line of the culture wars between Islam and the West following publication in a Danish newspaper late last year of cartoons lampooning the Prophet Muhammad.

The book’s main argument is that Europeans who ignore the threat posed by Islamists belong to a new and dangerous tribe of “naivists,” a term coined by the authors. This may not sound so radical at a time when the pope has upset the Islamic world by quoting a medieval passage calling Islam “evil and inhuman” and when Islamic terrorist plots have put Europe on edge.

But the book also equates Islamic fundamentalists with Nazis and Communists – a provocative stand on the heels of the cartoon crisis, which strengthened a backlash against immigrants that was already brewing here.

Pittelkow says the new book’s publication on the day of the terror arrests, while a coincidence, was a prescient reminder.

“The threat is that the Islamists and their values are gaining ground in Europe, especially among the younger generation,” he said in an interview. “They try to interfere in people’s lives, telling them what to wear, what to eat, what to think and what to believe. They warn Muslims to create their own societies within Europe or risk disappearing like salt in water.”

Muslim leaders here have denounced the book, accusing Pittelkow and Jespersen of giving Muslim-bashing a respectable face in Denmark, a country that views itself as a tolerant and open society.

Danish analysts say the book reflects the extent to which skepticism about Islam has invaded the European political mainstream.

“The book is significant because it shows how attacks against Islam are no longer limited to people on the right, but have become acceptable, even fashionable, among people close to the establishment,” said Jakob Nielsen, a commentator for the left-leaning newspaper Politiken, which Pittelkow labels “naivist” for underestimating the threat of the Islamists. “The reality is that nobody in Denmark bats an eye anymore when people talk about the threat that Islam poses to Danish values because this is viewed, however wrongly, as a fact of life.”

The authors’ backgrounds could hardly be more mainstream. Pittelkow, a former literature professor and prominent Social Democrat, advised former Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen before becoming a commentator for Jyllands-Posten, the newspaper that published the Muhammad cartoons. Jespersen, Pittelkow’s wife, is a former interior minister and social affair minister who belonged to a leftist revolutionary party in her youth.

Pittelkow says that Denmark’s cherished openness is under attack by Islamists due to a clash of values epitomized by the cartoons. He argues that Islamic radicalism nearly triumphed during the crisis because many editors and political figures in Denmark and elsewhere accepted Islamic arguments that publishing the caricatures was an affront to Islam, turning their backs on free speech.

“The mixture of political correctness and fear all too often leads to compliance with Islamism,” Pittelkow writes in the book. “The fatal mistake of the naivists was to cave into demands for Islamic-style censorship.”

For Pittelkow and Jespersen, the best defense against the threat from Islamic fundamentalists is to tighten Europe’s immigration policies, which they argue have allowed pockets of unintegrated Muslim communities to flourish.

“Denmark and the rest of Europe need to integrate their existing Muslim communities,” Pittelkow said. “Multiculturalism has gone too far.”

One “naivist,” Pittelkow says, is Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain. He cites the existence of Sharia councils in Britain that rule on divorce and inheritance cases, and notes a recent poll by Britain’s Channel 4 indicating that 28 percent of young British Muslims want Britain to become an Islamic state and that 30 percent would rather live under Sharia than British law.

Danish analysts say the largely enthusiastic reception for the book reflects the growing popularity of the Danish People’s Party, which has 13 percent of seats in the Danish Parliament and has pushed through some of the toughest anti-immigration rules in Europe.

Pittelkow denies that his views mirror those of the party, whose leaders have equated Muslims with cancer cells. But he acknowledges that the party has forced Denmark to engage in an immigration debate that he says has been pushed to the sidelines by political correctness in other countries.

The book has been sharply criticized by Muslim leaders.

“Pittelkow and Jespersen are Islam- bashers who show how acceptable it has become to attack Islam,” said Imam Wahid Pedersen, a prominent Muslim leader who converted to Islam. “They are dangerous because by pushing the debate to the edges, they are making it harder for moderate Muslims in this country to find a middle ground.”

Pittelkow strenuously rejects these arguments, saying that his critique is of Islamic radicalism, not of Islam itself. He also denies that the war in Iraq and other conflicts between the West and the Muslim world are the root causes of Muslim extremism. “Britain and France do not have tight immigration policies and they have a far more serious terrorist threat than we do,” he said. “Germany has no troops in Iraq, yet it has been targeted by terrorists. Many things can be used a pretense to fight Western societies that Islamists hate.”

For many Muslims, the book’s most incendiary passages are those comparing “Islamism” with Nazism and communism. But Pittelkow insists that all three movements have totalitarian impulses and seek to control people’s lives. Islamists, he says, include not just terrorists but also include Muslims who seek to impose their values on Europe in the name of religion.

“If a woman doesn’t wear a headscarf, the Islamists will exert maximum pressure and use the threat of violence to make sure that she does,” he says. “It is that zealous attempt to apply Islamist principles that is as authoritarian as Nazism or communism.”


June 21, 2006

Gjellerup som autonomt område

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Ifølge Nørrebrofatwaen tilstræber en række muslimske organisationer at gøre Nørrebro til et rent autonomt muslimsk område. Noget lignende er langt mere fremskreden i Gjellerupparken i Århus, hvor en lille lovligt anmeldt demonstration mod terrororganisationen Hamas fik en rystenede udgang. Her følger beskrivelsen af hændelseforløbet:

"Vi havde anmeldt en lovlig demonstration, med temaet "Folkemorderne Hamas ud af Skandinavien".

Denne demonstration blev afbrudt af politiet, med henvisning til at de ikke kunne garantere vores sikkerhed længere. Ifølge TV2 Nords indslag kl. 19.30 fortæller rapporteren, at der ca. var  800 ophidsede ulovligt mod-demonstrerende mod vores demonstration. Politiet og pressen blev beskudt med ulovlige kanonslag og raketter, der eksploderede. Disse blev brugt direkte mod politi og presse.

En sådan raket, der rammer et menneske i maven, forårsager enten død eller livsfarlig kvæstelse, og foruden disse midler blev der samtidig kastet med sten, ligeledes mod politi og presse.

Politiet var klart i mindretal, og kunne derfor ikke varetage vores sikkerhed. Ophidsede moddemonstranter var i færd med at omringe vores demonstration for at angribe os direkte.Der blev råbt "danskersvin" af forbikørende biler, hvor folk hang ud af vinduet med palæstinensiske flag. Samtidig råbte de ulovlige mod-demonstranter "død over USA, død over Israel, død over Danmark!" 

Hvis 20 fredelige og lovligt demonstrerende mennesker, hvor hovedparten var ældre, der viftende med små danske papirflag, kan virke så provokerende, at stedet omkring demonstrationen blev forvandlet til et Mellemøstligt uro-område, så har disse uromagere klart vist, at de ikke respekterer den danske grundlov. Og at de samtidig sætter politi og pressefolks liv og førlighed i fare gør, at de hurtigst muligt må arresteres med henblik på en retssag, der som emne har øjeblikkelig udvisning af Danmark. Grupper, der bekriger politi, presse, den danske grundlov og lovligt anmeldte demonstrationer, har ingen plads i et dansk demokrati".

"SIAD", "Foreningen mod islamisering – oplyser, at de har anmeldt en demonstration på Nørrebro 22.juli.2006 kl. 12.00 mod islamisk ekstremisme og for at grundloven overholdes.

Se også "Nørrebrofatwaen":

Sufifatwa: Jag danskere ud af Nørrebro!
skrevet af Tariquah

Sufifatwa opfordrer til at jage danskere ud af Nørrebro!

Følgende brev er på dårlig dansk sendt i okt.-dec. 2001.
Et enkelt eksemplar af brevet havnede i en ikke-muslimsk institution på Nørrebro .
Brevet er fra "Tariquah – hellig jihad, Danmark", d.v.s. de muslimske sufiordener (islammystikere i Danmark). Det er sansynligvis skrevet af tyrkere: bemærk den tyrkiske betegnelse for Tyrkiet: "Türkie", samt de halvt-engelske ord fait (sikkert faith) og mosker (dansk flertal af engelsk mosk).
Bemærk, at brevet er en konklusion/bestemmelse ifølge Fiqh, dvs. islamiske retslærde og er udsendt som fatwa, dvs. juridisk bestemmelse for de troende. Det er uklart om disse retslærde (ulamaer), som har foretaget denne islamiske "retsafgørelse" er bosiddende i Danmark eller udlandet.

Tariquah jihads fotokopierede brev:

sendt til "muslimske støtter i Danmark".

"Vi er nu mange indvandrer i Danmark og vi bliver hvert år ca. 15-20.000 flere. Det er derfor vigtigt, at vi får vores eget område i Danmark, hvor muslimer kan leve som den hellige Koran bestemmer. Det er vores menneskeret at få vores eget område, hvor vi kan leve uden druk, narko, nøgne danske piger, pølsebod, dårlige bodegaer og alle mulige andre danske ting.

Vi er mange muslimer på Nørrebro, og Nørrebro ligger i hovedstaden og nær lufthavnen. Derfor skal vi gøre Nørrebro til en islamisk bydel kun for os muslimer, hvor vi kan have vores kvinder i fred, hvor kvinder kan gå tildækket, som den hellige Koran bestemmer, hvor der er rent og befolkningen er ren, vi skal have mange islamiske skoler; hvor piger og drenge kan gå hver for sig, gymnastik og lejerskole, billedkunst af mennesker, biologi og andet dårligt skal forbydes. Vores drenge må ikke gå i bad med andre, for muslimske drenge er omskåret og må ikke vise sig, for han er uden hud og altid klar til at lave børn. Danskerne er selv ude om voldtægt af deres piger, for de beskytter ikke deres piger og urene piger er ikke beskyttet af den hellige Koran. Islam er stor og skal herske i verden som den hellige Koran siger. Husk selv Tyrkie, som i dag er 99% muslimsk, var engang kristen og uren. Men de kristne og danskerne har ingen kraft, tro eller fait, derfor er de svage og vi er stærke.

Muhammad Gelle sagde for nogen tid siden i pressen, at vi muslimer gerne vil rejse hjem til vores egen kultur, hvis vi fik penge 100.000 kr. hver. Men han tager fejl. Det har taget os 1400 år at komme til Danmark og vi rejser aldrig hjem for vi må ikke svigte islams mål khalife. Islam er den største og hurtigst voksende religion. Enhver som ikke arbejder for Kahilfa er vores fjende. Mange danske piger gifter sig med muslimske mænd og deres børn bliver automatisk muslim ifølge den hellige Koran og selv om manden skiller sig senere og henter sig en muslimsk kone. Men en muslimsk pige må ikke gifte sig med en dansker, for en pige er svag og kan ikke viderføre islam. Hun får mandens kraft ind i sig når hun bliver gift, men hun kan ikke give kraft. Hun bliver som et dyr, hvis hun får en dansk mands kraft ind i sig, hun bliver uren og vanære islam. Når en muslimsk mand får en dreng med en dansk eller anden uren og vantro kvinde, bliver drengen omskåret og tilhører det muslimske broderskab, som gælder over hele verden. Vi holder sammen ligegyldigt hvor i verden vi kommer fra. In sha-Allah. Den hellige profet har givet os Koranen og vores tro er stærkere end alle verdens våben. Vi har vores love og regler fra Allah. Mens danske politikere er korrupte og bliver valgt hver 4. år og laver hele tiden nye love, mens vores love og regler gælder til evig tid og derfor rene. Danskerne lader urene politikere bestemme, men Allah ved bedst – lovens bog den hellige Koran skal være vores Parlament. Lad os indføre vores lov på Nørrebro. Overtage så mange forretninger og lejligheder, så rejser danskerne, vi skal lave vores egen skoler, tehuse, klubber og få så mange danskere væk, for de ødelægger vores børn og kvinder. Danske kvinder lever urent og drikker og knepper med nye mænd hver weekend og de skal ud af vores område.

Dette er bestemt ifølge FIQH og skal efterleves af alle muslimer som fathwa.
TariQah – Hellig Jihad Danmark. 22-10-01".
(Her følger en arabisk underskrift).

Brevet er et ekko af f.eks. tyske muslimers krav, som af nedenstående eksempel fremgår af det islamiske blad: "Islam hier und heute" (nr. 10, 1994, s. 6):

"Det er ønskværdigt, at muslimen opholder sig i islamiske omgivelser, da muslimen ellers konstant er konfronteret med det islamisk forkastelige, og faren består i negativ indflydelse."
Endvidere bladet "Morgendämmerung" nr.11/12,1995 s.19ff. Oprettelsen af autonome områder. "Den vestlige dominansholdning må afgjort tilbagevises, som vil foreskrive muslimerne, hvor meget af deres tro/lov der må tolereres i Vesten.- …Det vestlige samfund må acceptere den islamiske realitet, dvs. sådan som muslimerne vil danne deres omgivelser. Hvad muslimerne aktuelt kan gøre og også skal gøre, er ud fra egen initiativer at skabe muligst mange autonomiområder, altså indretninger og strukturer, som udvikler sig uden ydre indblanding og som kan praktiseres autonomt"(Udgivet af "Islamiskes centrum, Hamburg").

June 17, 2006

New Danish Export: Dhimmi Cheese

After the Danish Mohammed Cartoons were published last year, a group of Muslim clerics led by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi called for a boycott of Danish products by Muslims around the world.

The Danish dairy conglomerate Arla was one of the hardest-hit victims of the boycott, with its extensive Middle Eastern exports cut to a trickle. It was quick to bend the knee to the Ummah and pay the jizyah.

Now Arla’s grovelling has borne fruit. Here’s an account from an editorial in Canada’s National Post:

Sheikh Yusuf al-QaradawiThe row over the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish newspaper appears to have been resolved. At an “International Conference for Supporting the Prophet” last month, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a well-known terrorism apologist who led the anti-Denmark campaign, declared that the boycott of Danish products was to end. The conference of some 300 Muslim clerics in the Gulf emirate of Bahrain was also attended by representatives of Arla, the Danish dairy company that had been worst affected by Qaradawi’s February 3, 2006 call for an anti-Danish embargo.

The end of the controversy is no cause for celebration. Rather Qaradawi’s announcement, and the deal Arla has struck with him, is a victory for thuggery and extortion over free speech. The lack of resistance to the vilification of Denmark by Middle Eastern regimes and their pet theologians sets an appalling precedent.

Arla prostrated itself, in effect apologizing for the supposed offence caused by the 12 not terribly interesting drawings. Of course, the company does not put it that way. Instead, Arla’s Web site refers to “an active marketing approach.”

Nice euphemism. Way to go, Arla. That’s what Texaco should have called it when they were shaken down by Jesse Jackson back in 1996. Suggested new slogan: “No active marketing approach, no peace!”

Read the rest at:

June 14, 2006

Why Jordan Hunted Zarqawi

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Postscript: A note of cheer to all those readers who either attended the Solidarity With Denmark rally, or sent encouragement, or rallied round to buy Danish goods. I have today received a note from one of the Copenhagen editors who published the original cartoons, informing me that in the last quarter, Danish exports to the United States have increased by 17 percent and that, overall, the Danish economy has more than compensated for the results of the unjustified Muslim boycott. Let us keep this example in mind.

Read it:

June 1, 2006

Danes are not racists but realists

Via Polemiken: (always a visit worth) Big hug for Kimpolina:

Danes are not racists but realists

Danes are accused of intolerance, xenophobia, closedness and racism. Some say, that danes are betraying the ideals that danes defended when the jews were rescued in the second world war – I disagree, I think danes are defending exactly the same values now as they did 60 yers ago.


The current immigrant situation in Denmark is like this in figures and facts.

On the good side

1. There is an overwhelming support to the newfounded party of democratic muslims – founded by an the MP Naser Khader. 2. Danish muslims have met no harrasment, despite the overwhelming aggression aimed at Denmark during the cartoon crisis. 3. Most muslims are living a peaceful and good life.

On the bad side

1. 82 % of the violent crimes commited in Denmark are done by young immigrants, that is rape, mugging, psysical violence, stealing, drug dealing and so on.

2. Radical clerics are fighting the danish society and the integration of normal muslims with awful methods; death treaths to democratic muslims, jews, gays and so on.

3. A major part of the middle east immigrants are living on social welthfare, and working at the same time, thereby abusing the system.

4. There are serious disciplinary problems with young immigrants in the public school. 5.

The current integration strategy in Denmark is therefor to support the democratic muslims, deject the radical clerics, and to educate the young violent muslims.

Why do the danish Labour loose support?

The cartoon crisis has led to a major shift in danish politics; many Labour voters have shiftet to the right wing party Dansk Folkeparti. The reason is this; the Labour party do not defend their own project – the welthfare state.

The welthfare state is based on solidarity, if people are not willing to pay taxes, then the welthfarestate crumbles.

This falls back on many immigrants, their loyality lies with their original home country and not with the danish state – and therefor they do not see no reason to pay taxes.

Most danes are very proud of the socialwelthfare system, with free schools, hospitals, social security and so on, and Dansk Folkeparti seen as the only party that defends it. The only way Labour is to regain support is by fighting for its own basic virtue – solidarity, otherwise it will wither away.

Threat from the UK

Meanwhile danes are shocked by actions done by UK citizens, and very worried about the current situation in the UK. We see radical muslims threatening danes with murder and violence – without any serious action done by UK officials.

We see radical muslim clerics supported by the mayor of London – as when he met with Sheikh Yusuf Qaradawi, a cleric that supports gays to be killed. Many danes see this as a very irresponsible conduct, and a support of antisemitism and unreasonable violence. The UK should fight antisemitism, the freedom of gays, gender equality as danes do.


Danes are doing what they have always done, we fight for central european values as freedom of speech, solidarity and antisemitism. And UK are sacrificing these values to appease radical clerics.

Asger Hussain-Engberg is a writer, living in central Copenhagen, has a Muslim father and danish mother.

There is something about those Danes. Hat Tip, GOV..

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May 5, 2006

Will kill Mohammed caricaturists

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Twelve terrorists are headed to Denmark to assassinate the artists behind the controversial caricatures of the prophet Mohammed published in newspaper Jyllands-Posten. This claim stems from Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir, newspaper Politiken reports on its web site, citing discussion of the case in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

 According to Danish terrorism expert Lars Erslev Andersen, it is highly unlikely that the terrorists, if they are en route, will ever arrive in Denmark, though he conceded that the threat is certainly unpleasant for those concerned.

Denmark's intelligence service PET said that they were constantly monitoring the threat situation in regard to the artists.

April 29, 2006

Denmarkastan: Streetfighting.

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If you read the article from Fyens Tidende you see the future. It is common that police and firefighters get stoned by "youth" in areas where there is a substantially population of muslims – this is not something new. I have read stories how Islam spread in Persia – now a days called Iran.

A the pattern could be as follow: A few muslims arrive. They missionary about their religion, get a few converts by marrying. They multiply and as soon the youth get older they drift around and terrorize and intimidate their infidel surroundings – the native people start to leave as they cannot accept the daily insults and intimidations or adjust to the muslim "sensivity" and violence. And eventually the society is destroyed and replaced by barbarity.

The article says that police wanted to arrest a suspect and soon there were 60-70 "youth" who threw stones at the police. The "youth" surrounded the police with car so they could not get out.  One hit a policeman in the head and he he was taken to the hospital. Tires were burnt. And all available policemen were called to the scene.

How long can a society tolerate that parts of the same society is outside law and order. There has been examples that even ambulances on duty have been stoned. This can have deadly consequenses for innocents.

How long can or will we tolerate this?

The muslim immigration har contributed with null and void to our society. 

April 9, 2006

Mere Asmaa, § 266B og DR2s totale svig/t: Boykot DR.

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Via En dansker i Sverige:

»I Jyllands-Posten 4. april blev hun konkret spurgt om sit forhold til den ekstreme pakistansk-baserede organisation Minhaj ul-Quran (På Koranens vej), der har gjort sig bemærket ved at arbejde for en islamisk stat, dvs. en stat med sharia-lovgivning. Men på det punkt er der underlige huller i hendes viden: »Indtil for nylig anede jeg ikke, hvad det var for en forening,« meddeler hun her i begyndelsen af april i år. Det er ganske kuriøst. I oktober 2005 må hun i hvert fald have vidst, hvad Minhaj ul-Quran var for noget, for da var hun frontfigur for 11 muslimske organisationer, der indgav politianmeldelse mod Jyllands-Posten for at have krænket muslimerne med sine tegninger af Muhammed. En af de 11 organisationer var Minhaj ul-Quran.
Abdol-Hamid er ligeledes primus motor for de godt 20 muslimske organisationer, (der er lidt usikkerhed om tallet), der for få dage siden anlagde civilt søgsmål mod Jyllands-Postens chefredaktør Carsten Juste og kulturredaktør Flemming Rose i samme anledning. Blandt sagsøgerne er Minhaj ul-Quran.
I foråret 2005 optrådte Asmaa Abdol-Hamid som koordinator for et islam-kursus, som organisationen Muslimer i Dialog holdt i Odense. Den såkaldte »studiegruppeansvarlige« ved den lejlighed var Babar Baig, der et par år forinden havde været et fremtrædende medlem af Minhaj, men som sammen med andre kendte hoppede over til Muslimer i Dialog. Det var efter, at der i pressen havde været en del negativ omtale af Minhaj ul-Qurans metoder og antidemokratiske bedrifter.
Vi skal altså tro, at Abdol-Hamid ikke har anet, hvad det var for en organisation, hendes kollega Babar Baig havde været med i.
Det skal man vist tilhøre Enhedslisten for at fæstne lid til.

Under valgkampen i Odense fremkaldte det nogen murren, at Abdol-Hamid ikke ville give hånd til vantro – en praksis, der ville have vakt undren på venstrefløjen for blot et par årtier siden, men som i dag mødes med udbredt forståelse som udtryk for den nye progressivitet. Som det er udlagt på TV, vil Asmaa ikke røre ved mænd, fordi de er mænd. Glemt er det, at hun heller ikke vil give hånd til vantro kvinder.I dag er den indpakkede fundamentalist med sin stærke tro på en totalitær samfundsorden og streng apartheid mellem rene og urene nærmest blevet galionsfigur for det multikulturelle samfund, Enhedslisten har sat på programmet, nu hvor socialismen er taget af plakaten.«

Lars Hedegaard,
DR 2s nye studievært har det svært med hukommelsen
Berlingske Tidende 8. april


Limewoody: Er dette en klokkeklar overtrædelse af straffelovens §266b:

§ 266 b.
Den, der offentligt eller med forsæt til udbredelse i en videre kreds fremsætter udtalelse eller anden meddelelse, ved hvilken en gruppe af personer trues, forhånes eller nedværdiges på grund af sin race, hudfarve, nationale eller etniske oprindelse, tro eller seksuelle orientering, straffes med bøde, hæfte eller fængsel indtil 2 år.

Stk. 2.
Ved straffens udmåling skal det betragtes som en skærpende omstændighed, at forholdet har karakter af propagandavirksomhed.


Hvis man i Danmark ikke vil give en anden sin hånd til hilsen er det udtryk for distance og fjendskab.

Asmaa Abdol-Hamid er en offentlig person: medlem af Enhedslisten, og derfor er hendes optræden i det offentlige rum af vigtighed: Hun er kort sagt også ude i en probaganda / missionmæssigt øjemed. Det står hævet over enhver tvivl at hun med sin påklædning og opførsel fører personlig jihad. Dette er i følge §266 en skærpende omstændighed.

Asmaa Abdol-Hamid vil ikke give hånd til mænd, fordi de er mænd: kønsdiskrimination.

Asmaa Abdol-Hamid vil ikke give vantro kvinder hånden, fordi de ikke er af samme tro som Asma Abdol-Hamid: Hun forhåner ikke-muslimske kvinder ved ikke at ville give dem hånden.


DR2 svigter sin rolle som brugerbetalt public servicekanal:

DR2 medvirker til at hvidvaske og legitimere udbredelsen af en ideologi, der deler menneskene op i rene og urene. Og som anser Islam for at være alle andre religioner overlegen:

Kort sagt en herrefolkstænkning som det sås i 30´erne. 

Hvorfor skal frafaldne slås ihjel: fordi de træder et "udviklingstrin" tilbage.

Hvorfor må ikke-muslimske mænd ikke gifte sig med muslimske kvinder: fordi de er "underlegne" og urene. 

DR2 medvirker til at propagandere for denne ideologi ved ikke at stille kritiske spørgsmål til Asma Abdol-Hamids ideologiske ståsted. 

Det er ganske utroligt at en brugerbetalt TVkanal kan leve med denne udbredelse af en slags ideologi jeg troede, man havde gjort op med. Og vel at mærke en TVkanal der frådende taler om neokonservative ( er det som nogen siger en omskrivning for juden?) i USA.


April 5, 2006

Director-General of Al-Risala TV Scolds Counterparts at Copenhagen Dialogue for Prophet Muhammad Cartoons

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Following are excerpts of a speech delivered in English by Kuwaiti cleric Sheik Tareq Al-Suweidan, Director-General of Al-Risala TV, at the Copenhagen convention. The speech, which aired on Al-Risala TV on March 31, 2006, was delivered in English, and is transcribed by MEMRI TV.

Tareq Al-Suweidan: We are not angry because some of your cartoonists have drawn our beloved Prophet. We are aggravated because of the way your government has mishandled this situation. Few people insult religious figures throughout history. We understand that. We have no problem with freedom of speech, but we had a huge problem in the way the Danish government have dealt with this situation, when they refused to meet with the ambassadors of the Muslim world, when they refused to deal with this situation like the Norwegians have done, when they said: "We do not accept this. We apologize to the Muslim world that this has been done by some of our people, but we have no control over freedom of speech." If they just have said that, then the problem would not have arised. Your government had done a very bad job, and we want to give you that message – that the Danish people have to do something about it, because your government have refused to do anything about it.


But we have a problem when you insult others. You insulted my mother – I would be very angry. And you have insulted somebody that is more sacred to me than my mother and myself. And the claim that it is done in the name of freedom of speech is absolutely unacceptable to us Muslims, because we have seen limitations on the expression of speech within your country and within Europe and the Western world. You have limited the freedom of speech about the Holocaust, and you have limited the freedom of speech when it comes to anti-Semitism. And to us, the prophets – all prophets – and religions – all religions – are sacred more than the Holocaust.


The West have done strategic mistakes. And one of the major mistakes that they have done and they are doing is that they underestimate the power of Islam and the depth of Islam and the Muslim Umma – in the Muslim nation. You have seen in every situation when there is true elections that the people have chosen Islam. You have seen it in Egypt, you have seen it in Palestine, and you will see it everywhere. The West have no chance but to deal with Islam, and we are extending our hands in peace and dialogue – you have slapped it. We do not accept insults. We do not accept that you deal with us without respect.


What do we request? First of all, we request respect and continuation of dialogue. We request – and this is absolutely necessary – an official apology from your government to the Muslim Umma, to the Muslim nation, and to the Muslims in Denmark, because your government has not dealt with them respectfully. And we request, not only from the Danish government, but from the European Union and the world, a law that forbids the insult of religious figures and religious sacred opinions. In the name of freedom of speech this cannot be done.


The boycott for the Danish products will continue until these requests are met. Again, we have no problem with the Danish people. You're a very peaceful country. You're a very peaceful people, very nice, but again, please correct what your government has damaged. Thank you.

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