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June 17, 2006

Prøvevalg på Danmarks Jounalisthøjskole

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June 16, 2006

DR (LEFTLIEANGLE) Orientering Court Room Report: Al Aqsa org in Denmark Supports only Children and a little bit of “Martyrs”

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Listen to this Journalist Nun reporting from mafia court room trial. Wonder who is paying him.

June 6, 2006

Today DR Orientering Took the Prize – Propaganda covered as Journalism.

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DR1 (left-)Orientering is a funny program. They can talk for hours about Kosovo with out make one referal to the religious tensions there – it does not matter apparantly.

Todays bad example was employee Lars Møller Rasmussen who has written books  ( i.e. 1972: Israel-Palæstina konflikt uden ende ) about the war between the muslim Arabs and the islamized Christians in which he puts blame of the flight of jews of Islamastan on – Da-Da – Zionism. The Jews of Bagdad/Iraq fled after a – once more – Da-Da – zionist arranged bombings i Bagdad and all the jews left.

In todays programme he worried that the support of the outside world – western and especially European that is – to the poor palos were declining. And, he whined, everything had been turned upside down – because those who are the powerful were portrayed as weak ( Israel ) and those who are weak ( the palos ) were portrayed as being powerful.

Now how has he come to that conclusion? – not by following the Main Stream Media – or listening to his own biased media.

May be he does not understand that it is the politics of terror that is boomeranging on the Palos. And the Europeans have got a taste of this terror themselves and that the hollowness of the Arab Mussulman AgitProp slowly and steadily is dawning on them.

Lars Møller Rasmussen tried to put even more blame on the Israelis by citing sources from back 1949 – seldom that they uses sources that old, exept for all purposes " western colonialism" of course. Again he stated it was and is Israels´ unwillingness to make peace with the Palos that fuels this war. 

And all the Hurrah-words in the Mosqe of PaloDom were drawn out – §242, Occupied Territories, Zionism and on and on.

To refute his claims must rest to another day – but read §242: there is no secure borders, and really – what occupied land – oh the land that Israel took after an agression by its neighbors. 

But what was not mentioned in one single word was the religious base that this conflict is build upon al though as the leftist he is he must know Marx´tehsis that religion is the peoples´opium – and if you are a mussulman it is more like real bad crack.

This passes for journalism on public service radio DR Orientering today – when it in reality presents an utterly subjectively view.           

June 3, 2006

Dansk politiks største katastrofe Radigale Niels Helweg Petersen: Grundloven skal laves om så den afspejler at Danmark er en selvstændig nation med folkestyre og RETSSIKKERHED

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Nej, hvor lyder det sør´me pænt, Niels Helweg. Men personlig vil jeg ikke købe hverken radikal politik eller endsige en grundlovsændring eller en brugt bil af dig. Dertil skræmmer sporene for meget.

May 16, 2006

Not Seen On Danish Public Service Channels:Hamas: ´No Peace, Ever, Without Return of Millions of Arabs´

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While worldwide attempts continue in an effort to moderate Hamas and have it agree to negotiate with Israel, Hamas issues a bellicose "Nakba Day" proclamation rendering all such efforts moot.

The Arabs of the Palestinian Authority commemorate May 15 – the date of the end of the British Mandate in 1948, which made room for the formation of the State of Israel – as their "Nakba Day," or Day of Catastrophe. The Hamas terrorist movement, which now controls the Palestinian Authority after an overwhelming popular election victory earlier this year, issued its Nakba Day proclamation yesterday, effectively putting to rest any chances for peace with Israel.

The Hamas announcement emphasizes the justness of terrorism against Israel, as well as the unyielding nature of its demand for the return of millions of Arabs to Israel. It repeats, several times, the claim that the Arabs were cruelly thrown out of their homes by Israel in 1948 – when in fact the largest number of Arab refugees fled only at the urging of their own leaders, who promised them a swift victory over the fledgling Jewish state and a quick return to their homes.

For instance:

  • Arab League Secretary-General Habib Issa said in June 1951 that his predecessor Azzam Pasha had "assured the Arab peoples that the occupation of Palestine and of Tel Aviv would be as simple as a military promenade … and that all the millions the Jews had spent on land and economic development would be easy booty, for it would be a simple matter to throw Jews into the Mediterranean … "
  • In addition, the Research Group for European Migration Problems found in 1957 that "as early as the first months of 1948, the Arab League issued orders exhorting the people to seek a temporary refuge in neighboring countries, later to return to their abodes … and obtain their share of abandoned Jewish property."
  • Abu Mazen himself – now the chairman of the Palestinian Authority – wrote in 1976, "The Arab states succeeded in scattering the Palestinian people and in destroying their unity. They did not recognize them as a unified people until the states of the world did so, and this is regrettable."
  • Time Magazine, on May 3, 1948, described the Arab flight from Haifa: "The mass evacuation, prompted partly by fear, partly by order of Arab leaders, left the Arab quarter of Haifa a ghost city…. By withdrawing Arab workers their leaders hoped to paralyze Haifa."
  • Monsignor George Hakim, the Greek Catholic Bishop of Galilee, said in 1949 that the Arabs of Haifa "fled in spite of the fact that the Jewish authorities guaranteed their safety and rights as citizens of Israel."
  • Even a British police commander in Haifa said in April 1948, "Every effort is being made by the Jews to persuade the Arab populace to stay and carry on with their normal lives, to get their shops and businesses open and to be assured that their lives and interests will be safe."

Excerpts from the Hamas Nakba announcement:
"Ho, sons of the Palestinian Jihad-fighting nation… Modern history has never seen a crime equal to that of the eviction of the Palestinians from their homes in 1948 by the Zionist conquerors…

"In these days of the month of May each year, the nation recalls the bleeding wound of the Nakba, which has a special place in our nation's heart. For the refugees, the Nakba means homeland, home, orchard, fig tree, harvest, and everything that is connected to the land from which they were evicted… The bitter memories and the painful days of the Nakba did not occur only in that year, but rather their impressions continue on historic dates written in the red blood that was shed in tens of acts of slaughter… from Kfar Kassem and Dir Yassin, Sabra and Shatila and the Jenin slaughter, and up until today's daily slaughter perpetrated by the Zionist conquest on our Palestinian compatriots.

"Ho, sons of our Palestinian nation, despite the Nakba, the Palestinian nation remains steadfast in its strong stand, its self-sacrifice, its pride and its determination to grasp onto its just rights, especially the right of the refugees to return to their homes and property. On the 58th anniversary of the accursed Nakba, we emphasize that:

"The resistance – all forms of the struggle [i.e., terrorism – ed.] – is a legitimate right as long as the conqueror sits on Palestinian land and as long as he continues his aggression against the Palestinian nation and arrests thousands of its sons. All talk of stopping the resistance or of its illegality is unacceptable for as long as the world ignores the legal and just Palestinian rights.

"The right of the return of the Palestinian refugees and the refusal to negotiate it is something that we must not retreat from, no matter what the circumstances. All talk of an agreement or negotiations is not acceptable as long as the return of the refugees has not occurred…

"Sons of our Palestinian nation, the commemoration of the Nakba and its grave consequences teach us that we must adhere even more strongly to the Jihad, to resistance, to the strong stand, and to the non-concession of the right of return, self-definition and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with its capital in Jerusalem. Without all this, there will never be peace or security in the entire region…


"The Hamas Movement"


Limewoody: The last days Danish Radio Public Service Channel has spent lots of air-minutes to announce that The Israeli Supreme Court has upheld a law that has been criticised by – Arab (!) Israeli Human Rights Groups – but not a single word of the other side. One gets again and again the impression that the clowns on DR1 Orientering is a department  Palostans Propaganda Staffel.  

May 12, 2006

The BBC pro-Israeli? Is the Pope Jewish?

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The Times May 11, 2006

The BBC pro-Israeli? Is the Pope Jewish?

Martin Walker

Despite a catalogue of examples to the contrary, the governors insist there is bias against the Palestinians

THE OFFICIAL REPORT for the governors of the BBC on its coverage of the Palestine-Israeli conflict found predictably that there was “was little to suggest systematic or deliberate bias” but then went on to list a series of measurements by which the BBC could be said to be biased in favour of Israel.This produced mocking guffaws in my own newsroom, where some of the BBC’s greatest hits — or perhaps misses — remain fresh in the memory. There was the hagiographic send-off for Yassir Arafat by a BBC reporter with tears in her eyes and that half-hour profile of Arafat in 2002 which called him a “hero” and “an icon” and concluded that the corrupt old brute was “the stuff of legends”.

Read the rest:,,6-2174641,00.html

Limewoody: Sounds awfully like Danish Public Servise channals.

May 6, 2006

Not Seen on Danish News: Far-right party wins UK seats

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In Danish Public Service Channals TV as well as Radio at least  two democratically elected political parties are virtually non-existent namely: The British National Party (BNP) and Front National in France. Typically in the news DR program 1 yesterday it was concluded that the conservatives had won the election. Not a single word on BNP. Why? Do they think that it goes away if they pretend it does not exist. 

There is a word for it: Escapism.  

From correspondents in London

May 05, 2006

THE far-right British National Party (BNP), running on a hardline anti-immigration platform, won 11 seats from the ruling Labour Party in a key east London seat in local elections today.

The BNP targeted working-class areas with voters who are dissatisfied with the main political parties.

Opponents dismissed the party as a neo-fascist minority group peddling racism and preying on voters' prejudices.

But Richard Barnbrook, a winning BNP candidate in the London suburb of Barking and Dagenham, denied being racist and said the party's success at the polls was due to the Labour party's failings on local issues.

"This race concern is nonsense, it doesn't exist," Mr Barnbrook said to Sky News television. "It's law and order, education and proper housing."

Some Barking and Dagenham voters said they had turned to the BNP because mainstream parties had ignored their concerns over issues such as immigration and housing.

The BNP says its policies are not racist but are an attempt to return to "traditional British values". Its manifesto pledges to "stop further attempts to enforce multi-culturalism on an increasingly sceptical and unwilling populace."

Pensions Minister Margaret Hodge, who represents Barking in parliament, said voters had reacted to rapid changes in the area, once a mainly white Labour stronghold which has become more mixed through immigration.

Statistics showed that ethnic minorities made up 14.8 per cent of the suburb's population in 2001, one of the lowest proportions in London but more than double the percentage 10 years earlier.

"We have to challenge the values of the neo-Nazi party – which is what the BNP is – and we have to listen very carefully to the concerns that my constituents are expressing," Mr Hodge said to Sky News.

The BNP is the biggest far-right party in Britain but has no seats in Parliament. Britain's first-past-the-post voting system makes it hard for fringe parties to win parliamentary seats.

BNP leader Nick Griffin, faces a re-trial on two race hate charges after an inconclusive trial in northern England in February.

The charges are that he used abusive or offensive words intended or likely to stir up racial hatred during a speech to supporters. He was cleared of two similar charges.,20867,19033999-1702,00.html

April 22, 2006

Let´s see this on DR or TV2: Palestinian’s sorry – that he only killed 66

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A Palestinian terror mastermind imprisoned for the deaths of 66 people in Israel, including two New Yorkers, says in a TV interview that he regrets the bombings he was behind didn't kill more. Hamas operative Abdullah Barghouti, 33, is serving 67 life sentences for plotting a series of bloody suicide attacks in 2001 and 2002 in cafes in Jerusalem.

"I feel bad because the number is only 66," Barghouti tells CBS' "60 Minutes" in an interview to air Sunday.

Barghouti was convicted of masterminding the Aug. 9, 2001, bombing at a Sbarro's pizzeria in Jerusalem that killed 15, including Passaic, N.J., teacher Judith Greenbaum and Malka Roth, 15, whose family had emigrated from New York. The bombing also severely injured Hanna Tova Nachenberg of the Bronx.

Barghouti also was behind the July 31, 2002, suicide bombing at Hebrew University's Jerusalem campus that killed 36-year-old Janis Coulter of Brooklyn.

Barghouti reveals that his bombing plots were driven by revenge for the deaths of his two best friends – fellow Hamas terrorists killed in an Israeli helicopter attack in 2001.

April 19, 2006

DR – Beyond Comprehension.

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Every evening on DR P1 (Radio) they broadcast a program called "Orientering". This program brings news and "in depth" analyses from the world. I have yet to understand the phrase "analyses" as they often are more ideologically founded and predict an unpredictable future – as it comes the analyses is full of assumption and wild guesses often from by ignoring both facts and common sense. This is what in DR is going for journalism and public service radio. This evening there was a perfect example and is even worse tha the above mentioned: A journalist – Lars Møller Rasmussen – had been reading an article about did and did nots in conjunction with 9/11 terroracts in New York 2001 and the this article questions about the governmental report on the subject. So where did this article come from "an american daily" called "CounterPunch". What followed was no more than unworthy of somebody who is employed by a public service channel paid by the public amongst it me. If you visits the homepage of CounterPunch ( ) you see adds for books by terrorsupporter Ward Churchill ( ( and the usual anti american, antiisraeli and green stuff and of course an interview with the first arab-american senator and the left´s new friend:

And to  show CounterPunch political view one can allways rely on the war in the Middle East :

 "KZ: Concerns over Arab and Muslim-based terrorism is at high levels. How do you see that threat? What would you recommend to combat it?

JA: Terrorism does not exist in a vacuum. It does not come from thin air. It is a result of people who believe that their lives cannot be improved by occupation and that there is nothing left for them to do except to commit acts of terrorism. Professor Robert Pape has written a book, “Dying to Win,” in which he displays the results of his study of suicide bombing. It is driven, not by religion, but by the presence of occupation troops in their lands.


Limewoody: Does this go for the Copts of Egypt as well – as far as I know there hasn´t been any suicide Coptic or assyrian or…..bombers? And these land as it goes is occupied lands.

Look at these small fellows here: Do they long for end of end of occupation or do they long for a future. A future no Arab state have been able to provide – isn´t it precisly the religion that devides the world into Dar el-Harb and Dar el-Islam that is the trouble.

And I don´t see where these arab muslim janjaweed fit into the picture unless the non-muslim world is "occupied" – by infidels.




And it goes on: 

"The original terrorist groups in the Middle East were the Jewish terrorist groups, principally the Irgun and the Stern Gang. Interesting, the leaders of those groups, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, were elected as Prime Ministers of Israel. That proves that it all depends on who the terrorists are if we are to approve or disapprove of terrorism. Further, the U.S. government designates resistance fighters – such as Hizbollah and Hamas – in the Middle East as terrorists if Israel asks us to do so. That makes it easier to propagandize against the resistance when they are labeled as such. In the Arab world such groups are seen as freedom fighters, resisting an illegal occupation".



Limewoody: Jewish Terror groups. Yes, a respond to the massacres from the arab/muslim side headed by the grand mufti of Jerrusalem in 1921. And en passant the Haganah – which later became IDF – were not fond of Irgun Zwai or the Stern Group whom they considered no less than a bunch of criminal thugs.

The Grand Mufti at a later stadium in his career in a much more organised state of jewsslaying with a little help from some friends in Berlin… By the way he had a relative later known as Yasser Arafat, but thats another story…. 

mufti_jpg_jpg_jpg.jpg ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

But back to todays radioprogramme:

Limewoody: The journalist the article quoted were based on an annonymous writer and where basically just another far leftwing anti-american/-bush/-neocon conspiracy-theory – what in these days in DR goes for journalism or even public service. The analysis ended on a note that rang the tune that "what happened on 9/11 and before would in time become a story like the assassination of JFK i.e. nobody believe the official report – but in time – who really care".

What one migth ask: If a public service channel forward this kind of stories passed as journalism they will in time be digging their own grave – alone because they confuse their subjective political views with their professional obligations.   

April 14, 2006

One killed, 12 wounded in Egyptian church attacks

Filed under: Danmarks Radio, Global Jihad, Islam, Mellemøsten, Terror — limewoody @ 4:34 pm Associated Press CAIRO, Egypt — Three knife-wielding assailants stabbed worshippers in simultaneous attacks during Friday Mass at three Coptic churches in the northern Mediterranean city of Alexandria, killing one person and wounding more than a dozen others, police officials said. The attackers fled, and police cordoned off the churches and set up checkpoints in an effort to find them. One worshipper was killed and at least two others were in serious condition, a police official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press. Initial police reports said a total of 17 people were injured. Hundreds of Christians gathered in angry protest outside the churches. Witnesses said clashes erupted between Christians and Muslims in the Sidi Bishr neighbourhood, the site of Saints Church, where 10 people were reported wounded in the knife attack. Police said three people were wounded at the nearby Mar Girgis (St. George) Church, and four attacked at a church in Abu Qir, a few kilometres to the east. The attack comes on what is Good Friday to many of the world's Christians. However, Egypt's Coptic Christians – and other followers of the Greek Orthodox church – celebrate the holiday a week later. Coptic Christians account for about 10 per cent of Egypt's population of 72 million and generally live in harmony with the Muslim majority, though violence flares occasionally. Egypt's last sectarian clashes were in Alexandria last October, when Muslims attacked churches and shops over the distribution of a DVD of a play deemed offensive to their religion. Four people were killed in weeklong riots. ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤

Limewoody: The European Counsil and the EU has taken steps to impose sanctions on Egyptian trade with the memberstates.  Just kiddin….  

Update: Via Free Copts.  alex3.jpg alex5.jpg alex1.jpgalex6.jpg


Limewoody: Today on the DR Radio News at 8 o´ clock the perpetraitors were called "extremists" and not "muslim extremists".

Maybe this has something to do with this kind of new speak:

EU lexicon to shun term "Islamic terrorism"

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