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June 30, 2006

We Can’t Solve the Problem, But We Can Maintain It

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 In this article, Srdja Trifkovic interviews Dr. Mordechai Kedar of BESA Center at Bar Ilan in Israel.

In Israel retired senior military officers, especially intelligence officers, are more likely to go into the academe than their colleagues in Europe or America. It is assumed, with some justification, that such background is conducive to a “realist” approach to international and security affairs. A seasoned military man is more likely than a life-long academic to accept the Hobbesian character of the world, and less likely to be fired either by the millenarian notions of Eretz Yisrael of the Right or by the often wishful thinking of the dovish Left.



The Future of Islam

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During a discussion period after a recent talk by the outspoken Islam-critic Wafa Sultan, I asked her how she would answer modern defenders of Islam, according to whom all the “bad” phenomena in Islamic societies are just “cultural baggage” and all the “good” ones represent the true intention of the religion. She answered: “How can you attribute “good” intentions to a verse like: ‘I have been ordered to fight all men until they say: There is no God but Allah.'” To which I replied: “The Muslim scholars with whom I communicate claim that this, and other aggressive verses  of that sort should be interpreted in a narrow local context, applicable to a specific period or specific battle in the life of the Prophet, and were not meant to be universally applicable”. Dr. Sultan answered that these are just attempts to redeem an irredeemable religion.


Suspect – a Man who is not named – detained for burning woman death

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30 June 2006

AMSTERDAM — Detectives arrested a man, 22, on Wednesday in connection with the death of Melissa Ulrich in Arnhem last month.

Ulrich, 19, was on fire when she ran from her burning apartment in the eastern Dutch city on 23 May. She died in the street from her injuries.

A team of 30 police officers were assigned to the case. They became increasingly suspicious of a local man during the course of the investigation, a police spokesperson said on Friday. The man, who has not been named, was arrested Wednesday afternoon.


Most Germans against Turkey joining EU: poll

Filed under: Uncategorized — limewoody @ 2:01 pm 29 June 2006 BERLIN – A big majority of Germans are against allowing Turkey to join the European Union, a poll published on Thursday showed. Some 63 per cent of Germans oppose giving Turkey EU membership, said the Emnid Institute poll conducted for a magazine published by the Greenpeace environmental group. People living in former communist eastern Germany were more pro- Turkey, with 51 per cent opposing Ankara’s EU membership compared to 65 per cent in western Germany. The biggest reason for rejecting Turkey joining the EU is “fear of a growing influence of Islam in Europe,” the poll revealed. Fears of high costs of subsidizing Turkish membership and expected Turkish

migration were also top reasons cited for rejecting Turkey as a possible EU member. Germans have reversed their views on Turkish EU membership in recent years, a statement issued with the poll said. A similar survey in December 2002 showed 60 per cent of Germans backing Turkish EU membership. DPA

Snøft: Polemiken Lukker – Stort Knus og Tak til La Kimpolina..

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Human Rights and Human Rights or We are all equal But…….

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Human Rights and Wrongs

By Clifford D. May
Scripps Howard News Service
June 29, 2006

Human Rights and Wrongs A few days ago, two American soldiers, Pfc. Kristian Menchaca of Houston, Texas, and Pfc. Thomas Tucker of Madras, Oregon, were taken prisoner in Iraq. They were brutally tortured, and so severely mutilated that their faces were unrecognizable. They were tied together with a bomb between their legs – a booby trap intended to kill whoever tried to recover their remains for burial.Would you regard such actions as serious violations of the laws of war and fundamental human rights? It is not clear that the wealthiest and most powerful human rights organizations see it that way.

For example, Amnesty International, which claims that its mission is “to protect human rights worldwide,” appears to have nothing to say about the torture and killing of Menchaca and Tucker. As I write this, its website features instead an article on arms control, and another on a “new international treaty to prevent torture and other ill-treatment through a system of regular visits to all detention places.” Evidently, “all detention places” does not include visits to the places in Iraq where al-Qaeda and Baathist forces detain their prisoners – briefly, in most instances.

The homepage of Human Rights Watch suggests that the group’s main concerns at the moment are Indonesia, Burundi and Chad. Regarding Menchaca and Tucker, there is a three-sentence press release noting that “captured combatants must be treated humanely.”

Read the rest:

Cultural Cleansing in Malaysia………..

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KUALA LUMPUR, 30 June 2006 — Malaysian rights activists yesterday criticized a controversial plan by a hard-line Islamic party to offer cash and perks in return for converting indigenous people.

“This is a violation of human rights. It looks like religion is being made a commodity,” said S. Arutchelven from human rights campaigners Voice of the Malaysian People.

“Indigenous people have their own beliefs and culture. We urge the Kelantan government to stop this program,” he said.

Kelantan is the only Malaysian state under the control of the Pan-Malaysia Islamic Party (PAS) which wants to turn the multicultural country into an Islamic nation.

What´s left of the left (?)

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This is easy to demonstrate.

Here is a list of terms liberals apply to virtually every idea or action with which they differ:


And here is the list of one-word descriptions of what liberals are for:

The poor
The disenfranchised
The environment

These two lists serve contemporary liberals in at least three ways.

First, they attack the motives of non-liberals and thereby morally dismiss the non-liberal person.

Second, these words make it easy to be a liberal — essentially all one needs to do is to memorize this brief list and apply the right term to any idea or policy. That is one reason young people are more likely to be liberal — they have not had the time or inclination to think issues through, but they know they oppose racism, imperialism and bigotry, and that they are for peace, tolerance and the environment.

Third, they make the liberal feel good about himself — by opposing conservative ideas and policies, he is automatically opposing racism, bigotry, imperialism, etc.

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 recently wrote a letter to the NY Times in response to their decision to print information concerning a U.S. secret program designed to track financial transactions of suspected terrorists. I’ll post the letter in full below. I urge everyone to write to the NY Times and their congressmen and let them know how you feel about the NY Times yet again sharing secret information with America’s enemies.

The Times article can be found here.

Mr. Keller,

What ceases to amaze me about your paper is the lengths you are willing to go to make headlines and sell papers. Who cares if those headlines help the enemies of America, you guys are making money and that is what it is all about in the end right?

Your recent decision to publish information about a classified program intended to track the banking transactions of possible terrorists is not only detrimental to America but also to its fighting men and women overseas. I know because I am a sergeant in the army on my second tour to Iraq. As I am sure you don’t know because you aren’t in Iraq, and I am sure never will be, terrorism happens here everyday because there are rich men out there willing to support the everyday terrorist who plants bombs and shoots soldiers just to make a living. Without money terrorism in Iraq would die because there would no longer be supplies for IED’s, no mortars or RPG’s, and no motivation for people to abandon regular work in hopes of striking it rich after killing a soldier.

Throughout your article you mention that “ the banking program is a closely held secret” but the cat is out of the bag now isn’t it. Terrorists the world over can now change their practices because of your article. For some reason I think that last sentence will bring you guys pleasure. You have done something great in your own eyes-you think you have hurt the current administration while at the same time encouraging “freedom fighters” resisting the imperialism of the United States. However, I foresee a backlash coming your way. I wish I had a subscription to your paper so I could cancel it as soon as possible. But alas, that would prove a little tough right now since I am in Iraq dealing with terrorists financed by the very men you are helping.

Thank you for continually contributing to the deaths of my fellow soldiers. You guys definitely provide a valuable service with your paper. Why without you how would terrorists stay one step ahead of us? I would love to hear a response as to why you deemed revealing this program a necessity, but that will probably come as soon as the government decides to finally put you guys behind bars where you belong.

Tim Boggs

Peaceful Stoning by “Youth”-followers of the Religion of Peace

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MINNA —The life of a 20yr old girl (name withheld) was prematurely terminated in Izom in Gawu Babangida Local Government Area of Niger State yesterday as she was stoned to death by irate youths for distributing inciting leaflets bordering on religion [sic].

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